The Get Away!

So it is resort season and that means, it’s time for the elite to go vacationing in places that most of us are still dreaming about going. “Resort wear” was created for those affluent customers who enjoy spending their time in post-Christmas climates such as Los Cabos,the Bahamas, Dubai and more. It’s their way of having warm like weather all year round.

Many known retailers like Nordstrom and Saks focus on “buy now wear now” to help promote the occasion and designers love it because it makes up nearly 80% of their turnover. However, if you can’t afford a getaway to the tropics right now, but still want the clothes, do what I do and “buy now and wear later!” 😉

Here is a look at what some of your favorite designers are featuring for resort:


Color and Lace. It’s not just your nautical looks anymore. Collete Dinnigan showcases vibrate colors of yellow and orange in this collections. Other colors to look out for are pops of pink, coral, turquoise and green.


Deco Floral Prints, Two Toned Colors and Longer Skirts paired to Cut Off Tops and classic Shorts as seen in this Safari style collection by Jason Wu.

denim wu

Another look is Denim, but cut in a more relaxed and easy to wear look as seen in this collection also by Jason Wu.


Here’s a twist on Stripes! I love this collection by Carolina Herrera. If your not afraid to do a little mix and matching of prints, this would be a great look try!


Last, but not least is the Python/Snake Print. Stella McCartney collection has given you many options on how to pull this look off whether it is for business or fun.


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  1. I absolutely LOVE Resort Wear!! Designers always put out such fresh and flirty clothes. A few years ago the wonderful man in my life took me on vacation in January and I got to finally shop Resort Wear. It was like having Christmas twice in one year LOL

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