Peter Pilotto for Target

Ok so I never was one to shop at Target for clothes. I worked at major retail store and was around clothes all day for 5 days a week or more, so I didn’t really venture out to many other stores to shop (I’m sure you can tell). A few years ago a co-worker of mine had this cute fitted top on and when I asked her if it was BCBG she said, “No, I got this from Target for like $20 bucks!” The top looked so well made and expensive, I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to go Target immediately!

Well, thanks to Target’s GO International program that was created in 2006, the hottest fashion designers work with Target to give consumers like you and me the opportunity to by their products at an affordable price. As great as it sounds, there only a select number of styles available and they are only for a very limited time! So who is kicking it off this year? Peter Pilotto.


Peter Pilotto and his business partner Christopher De Vos (pictured above left to right), are the brilliant minds behind the signature line. They are London based and met when they where studying fashion at the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2002. De Vos is Belgium and half Peruvian and travelled with his parents growing who are in the oil industry. Pilotto is half Austrian and half Italian and always had an interest in fashion since his family owned the first clothing shop in Austria. When it comes to designing, de Vos concentrates on the shapes and drape work, while Pilotto works on the prints and colors.


Pilotto originally started the line on his own including the financial backing before teaming up with De Vos, which is why the line is named after him. It wasn’t long before their friendship grew into a professional collaboration and they created their first line in 2007. Ever since they have made a name for themselves amongst the well known of celebrities and now with the rest of the world!


As you can see the duo are very fashion forward incorporating sophisticated and yet sculpture like designs. Some have even called them kaleidoscopic! Looking at their couture line, you will see just how incredibly talented the duo really are! Recently the designers became recipients of the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund, which grants them $200,000 Euros (about $271,520 in American money) along with mentoring from the top designers in the indudstry.


Pictured above are celebrities Diane Kruger, Taylor Schilling, Alexa Chang and Dee Heminway at the launch event for Peter Plotto for Target in NYC, which debuted on February 9th. The line features women separates, swimwear and accessories ranging from $15-$80 and can be found at both and in store as well as . If you plan on shopping the line, you better hurry, many of its popular styles are already sold out!;; Getty Images

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the prints he’s put in Target!! I’ll be getting a few pieces for my trip to Africa this Spring. The prints are so fun and flirty, we needed something fresh like this in Fashion. Simple beautiful.

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