24 Hours Later

So I don’t recall being “sick and shut in” for this weekends forecast, however the rain was fitting for the occasion. My whole entire house had a stomach virus. My 4 year old son started off as soon as he woke up and couldn’t keep anything down. A few hours later after coming from the doctors,  little man was diagnosed as dehydrated, daddy had a fever and the chills. As for me, I had stomach cramps everytime I had to get up, which was often because baby girl was hardly affected outside of a few loose diapers.

Do you know what it feels like to be sick and yet still have to keep up with a 2 year old? Not to mention I still had to tend to everyone else (someone had to be praying for my patience). My mother- in-law came over to pray and to administer the “onions in the socks” remedy. Now I know that method is useful for breaking fevers,  but oh the smell!

Nevertheless, after much needed rest, fluids and lots of tasty jello, I am happy to report that everyone is doing well.  I thank God for his strength and his will in my life. I also never forget the power of prayer and his WORD.

Isaiah 53:5 says,  “But he was wounded for out transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him;  and with his stripes we are healed.”

Happy Sunday everyone and try to stay healthy in this changing of the season’s!


Celeb Pick of the Week-Camilla Belle


Wow! Now this is a show stopper. I love the color, the accessories, the make up, the complete look is amazing! Camilla wore this stunning saffron yellow Gucci dress to the premiere of the Christian Louboutin “Passage” handbag collection in L.A. on Tuesday. She styled the look with non other than a fabulous leopard printed Louboutin handbag and nude high heel pumps. If there was an award for the best dress of the season thus far, this would definitely be it!

Getty Image

Ready for Combat

For my birthday I decided to venture out and try some new styles and army fatigue was on the top of the list! Now I did own the print in a capri pant back in the day and one thing I have learned is that this style never gets old. I have also realized that this print is not just for the awesome men and women who serve our country or those who love the great outdoors, but for anyone who wants to make a statement. Today I’m saying this girl is fun, flirty with a little bit of edge! What is your statement?






Army Fatigue Jacket, Circle Dress and Sandals- Forever21/Jewelry and Leggings –Nordstrom

Trending: Circle Skirt


The “circle” skirt (also known as the “poodle” or full midi skirt), was made popular by singer/actress turned designer, Juli Lynn Charlotte in the late 1940’s. I have noticed that it has been a reoccurring trend in the last couple of years and is one that will continue this season. It’s a length that most women can wear because it is not too long and not too short. It also has an A-line cut that gives you great comfort and ease as you wear it.

I love these previously worn styles from celebrities Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway,  Kourtney Kardashian and our modern day pin up girl who always reps the style, Dita Von Teese. The style can be worn both dressed up or down and will also carry you through those transitional season’s. I will say if you are short and petite, this style will not work for you.  Instead try a shorter version like the “skater” skirt.

As for me, the verdict is still out. I am still debating if this is a trend I will follow. I think I could rock it with a fun color or funky cross print, however let’s be real, I probably wouldn’t get a lot of wear out of it unless I got it in black. Plus, who knows when the trend will end? Anywhoo, don’t let me stop you. Here are a few suggestion to help you find your perfect look!


Red woven pattern skirt found at H&M for $34.95


Halogen stripe pleated skirt found at Nordstrom for $79

Floral printed skirt with pockets by Topshop can be found at Nordstrom for $96

Getty Image/www.universaldomainexchange.com/Nordstrom.com/H&M.com

Designer Tuesday-Phillip Lim


Birth Name: Phillip Lim

Born: September 16, 1973 in Pheng Lim, Thailand; of Chinese descent

*Parents came to Southern California after his birth to escape Combodia’s civil war

*Mother was a seamstress for a garment factory

*In 1991 studied home economics at California State University and while working at Barney’s

*Interned for designer Katayone Adelis and shortly after became the assistant designer while still in school

*After Adelis relocated to New York City, Lim stayed in LA designing for Development making clothes for women in 2000-2005

*His good friend Wen Zhou (business partner and creative director) suggested Lim create his own women’s line
-She puts in $750,000 to start label from her fabric business

*3.1 Phillip Lim launched in 2005 at Fall Fashion Week and was an instant success providing the best in clothes at an affordable price

*Made $2.8 million in the first 2 months

*In 2006 the Fashion Group International awarded him 1st place in Women’s Designer ‘Rising Star’ category

*By 2007 Lim introduces menswear, kidswear and eyewear

*Reached nearly $60 million in sales in 2011

*Collaborated with Target to produce a limited collection ranging from $19.99-$299.99

Did You Know?

*Lim and Zhou decided to call the label “3.1 Phillip Lim” because they were young and successful at the age of 31

*Lim’s father was a professional poker player

*He has a design team of 3 workers and his clothes are manufactured in China


Celebrity Pick of the Week-Scarlett Johansson


Talk about a lady in red! Scarlett looked amazing in her 2 piece pant suit by Michael Kors earlier this week while promoting her movie, Captin America: The Winter Soldier in Paris. I love this updated modern menswear look featuring black lapel collarless jacket and ankle cropped slim pant. I think the added open toe metallic sandals gave it the perfect touch! Wait, did you see her clutch? OMG got to have it! Her look is not only bold, but beautiful and she has it down packed!

Getty Image

Tommy Hilfiger


*Birth Name: Thomas Jacob Hilfiger

*Born: March 25, 1951 in Elmira, NY of Irish, German and Swedish descent

*Attended Elmira Free Academy High School
– In his senior year he and a few friends each put in $125 to create a business selling jeans they remade

*Choose to open up his first retail store called The People’s Place instead of attend college

*After 7 years and at the age of 25, his store went bankrupt

*Self taught himself about commerce and building a business having a little budget

*Creates a team and acquires Jordache as a client, however departed after a year due to creative differences

*In 1984 meets an Indian entepeneur, Monan Marjani who hands pick Hilfiger to be the next international lifestyle designer

*With the ingenious marketing and management of Marjani, the Hilfiger line takes off modernizing the button down shirt and chinos
– also became notable for the use of the colors red, white and blue

*By 1990’s style became very popular amongst hip hop community and sales were close to $2 billion

*In early 2000 sales began to plunge, by 75%, his brand was no longer popular

*In 2006 the company was sold for $1.6 billion to a private investment company,  Apax Partners

*By 2007 Hilfiger had regrouped the brand name making it profitable again and selling exclusively to Macy’s

*Company was sold again for $3 billion to a clothing conglomerate,  Phillips-Van Heusen
– Tommy Hilfiger continues to lead as head designer of co.

*Today the Tommy Hilfiger is a brand consisting of both men, women and children’s apparel, shoes, fragrance,  sporting and home goods
company net worth is nearly $5 billion w/over 1200 stores

Did You Know:

*Hilfiger turned down positions to work for both Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis

*Went undiagnosed as a child for dyslexia

*Received the Council of Fashion Design of America for 1995 and 2012

http://www.biography.com/businessoffashion.com/Photo- Badische Zeitung