Happy Memorial Weekend!

Like many of you, I celebrated the Memorial Day weekend by hanging out with family and friends enjoying a great cookout! We actually had so much food left over it was crazy! On a serious note, I do try to keep in mind the purpose of each holiday as it passes through the years and reflect on its impact today. For some who may not know, Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day back in 1868 and is said to have begun after the Civil War where women in the Southern states would decorate the graves of fallen Union and Confederate soldiers. It began to catch on and sometime after  WW2  the name was changed to Memorial Day and would occur every year on May 30th because that is when the  flowers would be in full bloom and leading into summer.

In 1971, Congress decided that the day would become an official day of observance to be recognized on the last Monday every year in May for all those that served and died in a US war. Like many of our other holidays, the date may change from year to year and can make it hard to keep track of. However, no matter the date, I appreciate the fact that we as a nation choose to recognize those men and women who fought so passionately and have lost their lives. I pray that everyone takes a little  time to remember those who were fallen so they are not forgotten. May God continue to have a blessed and safe Memorial!










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