Green Day

This light weight stripe green jacket was all I needed to make a simple tank and jean shorts outfit come together! By adding another pop color like this coral necklace, my look is now fun and playful for summer. This can be a great semi dress casual look for work, a luncheon or shopping with friends! Not to mention, a little color never hurts anybody and might even help to brighten someone’s day. 🙂




3/4 Stripe Jacket & Bangles-Nordstrom/Trouser Bermuda Shorts-It! Jeans/Tank-Forever21/Necklace-Burlington Coat Factory/ Shoes-Bakers


Designer Tuesday-Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Ashley-Mary-Kate-Olsen-stepped-out-NYC-WSJ-Magazine Birth Name: Mary Kate & Ashley Fuller Olson

Born: June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, CA and of Danish and Norwegian descent

*Both began acting at the age of 9 months and shared the role of  “Michelle Tanner” in the TV show, Full House from 1987-1995

*1993 created production company with the help of Robert Thorne called DualStar and made several TV movies and direct to video releases

*In 2001 debut their first clothing line, Mary Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls, for girls ages 4-14 that included, shoes, bathing suits, jewelry and a beauty line
-Sold in over 3,000 stores in America and 5,300 worldwide
-Made nearly $400 million in sales by 2003

*In 2004 both graduated from Campbell Hall School and attended New York University for a year

*For their 18th birthday received complete ownership of DualStar valued at $100 billion

*Became the faces for Badgley Mischka in 2006

*In 2007 launched contemporary clothing line Elizabeth & James
-same year became Forbes 11th ranked richest women in entertainment

*Co-wrote “Influence” an interview of fashion designers that have influenced the twins fashion lines in 2008

* Created Olsenboye a tween sportswear line in 2010

* In 2011:
-Collaborated with TOMS shoes and designed footwear for kids without them in more than 20 countries
-Created a Olsenboye change purse and donated the proceeds to “Pennies from Heaven” organization
-Also collaborated with StyleMint to provide women the “perfect T at an affordable price”

* March 2012 both girls decided to quit acting completely to focus on fashion careers

*Won WSJ magazine’s Innovator of the Year Award in 2012

*Won top prize at 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards

*In Fall 2013 collaborated with Norwegian retailer,  Bik Bok that reflects each of twins styles as well as that of a Scandinavian girl

*June 2014 received won the Accessories Designer of the Year for the collaboration on their label, The Row by the CFDA


Fun Facts:
*Mary Kate is 2 minute older than Ashley

* Their Elizabeth & James line is named after their older brother and younger sister

*Missed their prom to host Saturday Night Live

*Became the youngest producers ever at age 6

Nerium Review


So about two weeks ago I decided to try this product called Nerium AD. It is actually suppose to be an “age defying cream” that works to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and other skin issues like discoloration, enlarged pores and fine lines. I wanted to try it to lessen the appearance of blemishes on my face and stretch marks on my hips from pregnancy.  I ordered my five day sample, which featured 5 small square packets attached to an information booklet.

The cream itself in thick and yellow in color with a not too overly baring smell. You actually can’t even smell the cream after a couple of minutes of it being on. Before you begin use you want to make sure your skin is clean and also a damp so the cream absorbs into your skin. The first night I forgot and patted myself completely dry and found the cream to be a little thick to spread and looking a little dry. I could feel the cream setting in and my face get just a little tight like a mask.

The next morning I washed my skin off as the directions stated and was very surprised at how smooth and moisturized my skin felt. The second night I left a little water on my skin before applying the cream, which went on much smoother. It still made my skin a little ashy, but I had the night cream sample so I wasn’t concerned.


The third day I actually forgot to put lotion on my face and I was amazed! By the end of my trial I could definitely tell something was taking place in my skin because it just seemed to look a little different. Now, I didn’t expect to see any miracles  happening over night and neither should you after finishing the trial, the rep will tell you at. Any major differences will be seen over the course of a month, in which a money back guaranteed is offered if your unhappy with your purchase within the 30 days. The cream does have a day version and the only difference is the night version has a higher concentration of an extract, NAE-8 used to help in the anti aging process and is not watered based as the day.

I am not a rep for the NeriumAD nor am I telling you must go out and buy it. Everyone’s skin is different and like any product, results may vary. My before and after can be seen above, however they were taken with two different cameras so the lighting is different. I still have my birth mark across my eye as well indentations from eye glasses.

As always, I suggest you read the reviews and find out information on your own before, buying any product. Overall, I do like this product for just how moisturized it made my skin. I definitely would be interested in seeing the long term affects of this cream. If your interested in trying out a sample or need more information, you can contact Laura Ferrera at She is a great communicator and is very informative. Later guys and thanks, Laura!

Celeb Pick of the Week-Olivia Wilde


There is just something about this dress! I love this multiple striped asymmetrical maxi on Olivia Wilde that was worn to her Third Person screening in NY on Tuesday June 17th. The dress may be a little “out there” at first glance, especially for someone is use to matching everything. However, that is why I love it. It is different and  totally unexpected, especially on new mom, Wilde. Your eyes just  can’t help, but turn toward the bandeau cut style when you see it! The dress was taken from the Stella McCartney’s 2015 Resort Collection, while her orange peep toe shoes are by Jerome C. Rousseau d’orsay. This look is no doubt fun, comfortably chic and refreshing for summer!



Getty Image

Trending: Barely There

Now I don’t have a problem with the phrase, “If you got it, flaunt it,” however at what point is flaunting “it” just too much? Nowadays, it’s as if the stars are battling it out on the red carpet of who can show the most skin. When I have to question whether your wearing underwear or not, that is a problem! Ms. Kendall Jenner seems like she has been wearing a lot of questionable looks, especially since turning 18. She recently stepped out in this Fausto Puglisi gown that was a risque hipping baring dress that raised several eyebrows and left many by surprise. This would have been an even more sexier gown had the hip baring splits actually stopped mid thigh.



Earlier in the month, Rhianna aka “RiRi” wore this sheer see through gown by Adam Selam to the CFDA Fashion Awards in which she was honored for being a fashion icon. Although RiRi has always been pushing the envelop with her fashion, this outfit…or lack thereof is on a whole other level. From an artistic look, the Swarovski gown that used over 200,000 crystals is remarkable, but it either should have had built in slip or should just be worn in the bedroom.


Other celebrities who have been spotted wearing the trend include:


Rumer Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis, also turned a few heads when  she wore this side cut out skirt by Franziska Fox to the ELLE 5th Annual Women in Music concert back in April.


Rapper Iggy Azalea wore this black gown crotch high splitting gown to the 2013 Amsterdam MTV Music Awards back in November. Her dress was by John Galliano and although she appears to not have any underwear on, she said it was taped and she wasn’t “that stupid.”


Jaime Alexander also went sheer in her Azzaro gown to her Thor: Dark World movie premiere also in November of 2013. She too claim she had something on that was like underwear and that she used toupee tape to keep it in place.


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and I’m being over the top about this new “trend.” Don’t get me wrong, I like to show a little skin…appropriately. However, where do you draw the line? Especially once you start getting older, or become a mom you have to think about how it’s going to effect other people in your lives. When your a celebrity you instantly become a role model to someone somewhere. I’m not saying you should live your life based on other people thoughts, but you should live it respectively and honoring yourselves. Sooo not with this trend. What do you think?


Getty Images/Reuters/Wire Images

The Osbourne’s Take on MAC!

Sharon & Kelly Osbourne Visit Selfridges London For Upcoming M.A.C Collaboration
Alright so I’m a little late on this one however, the best thing about having your own blog is that you can write about anything at anytime! Lol. Ok getting down to business, did you know that both Kelly and Sharon Osbourne have their own line of MAC cosmetics? This includes lipstick, eye shadow, bronzer, eye liner and blush. The line made its debut online June 2 and hit stores, June 12th. Both beauty lines capture the attitude and sex appeal of both women of two different genres.

I loooove Kelly’s line. I have aways found Kelly fascinating and have grown to love her over the years. I especially love her fashion sense and her “I don’t care” attitude, which can’t be denied since coloring her hair purple nearly 2 years ago! She even as a lipstick that matches called, “Dodgy Girl.” Other fun names include “Strip Poker,” “Kelly Yum Yum,” and ” Riot House”. Her line is all about boldness and freshness, using pastel colors.

Now, Mrs. Osbourne is all about a more sophisticated, mature and classy look. Her line features more earthy hues and warm red colors, which are perfect for any everyday working woman. The lines of course, is only available for a limited time and the prices are fairly reasonable running $16.50-$44. Hurry though, MAC has already sold out of Kelly’s “Bloody Brilliant” set four eye shadow and all four lipstick shades! Be sure to check out top retailers like Nordstrom, who do carry the line as a back up. Good luck & Happy Shopping Everyone!!! 🙂

Getty Images/Twitter/MAC









Celeb Pick of the Week-Chrissy Teigen



Chrissy looked like perfection wearing a yellow strapless fitted dress by Three Floor at the Spike TV Guy Choice Awards held in Cali this past Saturday (June 7th), but aired on Wednesday.  The dress featured a scallop asymmetrical front with nude side paneling that matched perfectly in color to her gladiator style stiletto shoe by Casadei. She also added a very sophisticated gold box clutch by Kotur to finish her look. I just love the bold color and style of her look and think it is most appropriate for the occasion, which she and fellow recent Sports Illustrated cover models won the “Holy Grail of Hot” award! Yeeeesss!