A Show Stopping Piece


What is a “Show Stopping Piece?” Well my definition is something that grabs your attention and/or  makes you stop in your tracks. Ladies we often are out at the mall or walking past another female when we notice her beautiful handbag, stellar shoes, breath taking jewelry or cute outfit. This is a show stopper piece. At times if we are really are blown away by a certain look we will either ask where she got it or try to find one just like it!

A show stopping piece is something that I try to have whenever I get dressed to go out. Whether its to the store or to a dressy engagement, I like to incorporate something that will take an otherwise “nice” outfit to the next level. I appreciate it when I receive a compliment on something I wore, but I love the feeling of having inspired someone even the more.

A Few of My Own Show Stoppers:

Coral Flower Statement Necklace

Cognac Basket Weave Handbag

Vintage Layered Hoop Earrings

Sequenced Trimmed Jacket

Tan Suede and Leather Trimmed Boots

One Button 60’s Inspired Wool Coat

Colored Pencil Skirt

Tip: When finding that show stopper, choose something that you absolutely love and something you can actually see yourself wearing. Also, be sure not to wear it everyday, so it doesn’t lose its “wow” factor.

If you wore your favorite blazer to work around the same people everyday would your co workers think it was anything special? It might have been the first two days in a row, but by the third day it wouldn’t be anymore special than the desk you sat at day in and day out.

Keep in mind, people will talk about you no matter what. However, if they are going to talk give them something they can’t deny… your great sense of style. After all, fashion isn’t Fashion until you can inspire others right?


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