Designer Tuesday-Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Ashley-Mary-Kate-Olsen-stepped-out-NYC-WSJ-Magazine Birth Name: Mary Kate & Ashley Fuller Olson

Born: June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, CA and of Danish and Norwegian descent

*Both began acting at the age of 9 months and shared the role of  “Michelle Tanner” in the TV show, Full House from 1987-1995

*1993 created production company with the help of Robert Thorne called DualStar and made several TV movies and direct to video releases

*In 2001 debut their first clothing line, Mary Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls, for girls ages 4-14 that included, shoes, bathing suits, jewelry and a beauty line
-Sold in over 3,000 stores in America and 5,300 worldwide
-Made nearly $400 million in sales by 2003

*In 2004 both graduated from Campbell Hall School and attended New York University for a year

*For their 18th birthday received complete ownership of DualStar valued at $100 billion

*Became the faces for Badgley Mischka in 2006

*In 2007 launched contemporary clothing line Elizabeth & James
-same year became Forbes 11th ranked richest women in entertainment

*Co-wrote “Influence” an interview of fashion designers that have influenced the twins fashion lines in 2008

* Created Olsenboye a tween sportswear line in 2010

* In 2011:
-Collaborated with TOMS shoes and designed footwear for kids without them in more than 20 countries
-Created a Olsenboye change purse and donated the proceeds to “Pennies from Heaven” organization
-Also collaborated with StyleMint to provide women the “perfect T at an affordable price”

* March 2012 both girls decided to quit acting completely to focus on fashion careers

*Won WSJ magazine’s Innovator of the Year Award in 2012

*Won top prize at 2013 CFDA Fashion Awards

*In Fall 2013 collaborated with Norwegian retailer,  Bik Bok that reflects each of twins styles as well as that of a Scandinavian girl

*June 2014 received won the Accessories Designer of the Year for the collaboration on their label, The Row by the CFDA


Fun Facts:
*Mary Kate is 2 minute older than Ashley

* Their Elizabeth & James line is named after their older brother and younger sister

*Missed their prom to host Saturday Night Live

*Became the youngest producers ever at age 6

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