Trending: Neon Nails


So which nail color is hot for the summer you ask?  Anything neon of course! Whether it is a simple coat of polish or a fancy design, a neon  color is your chance to express yourself and have some fun! I never thought about using neon colors on my nails up until two years. I don’t do it often, but I definitely think it is fun every once in a while just for a little pop!  One of my favorites I like to do is this neon pink shade. What do you think?



Designer Tuesday-Rachel Zoe


Birth Name: Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig

Born: September 1, 1971 in New York, NY of Jewish descent

*Graduated from George Washington University with a psychology and sociology degree in 1993

*After graduating, worked as an assistant for YM magazine in New York and became senior editor after 2 years

*2002 moved to L.A. to begin styling merging her love of vintage and old Hollywood looks

*Worked with celebrities like Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys and more

*2006 collaborated with Judith Leiber to create luxury handbags

*October 2007 co-wrote “A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour”

*September 2008 starred in the reality show The Rachel Zoe Project that featured her life as a designer and stylist.
-show ran for 5 seasons on Bravo in 15 countries

*August 2009 created “The Zoe Report,” a free lance newspaper on fashion, beauty and lifestyle

*September 2009 joined QVC selling her line of jewlery, handbags, scarves, sunglasses & outerwear

*Made her contemporary collection debut in 2011 with vintage and European influences
-carried in over 275 stores

*March 2014 co-wrote “Living in Style: Inspiration & Advice for Everyday Glamour”

Other Achievements include:
Brand Ambassador for Jockey, Inducted into the Council of Fashion Designer of America, Chief Stylist for Shoe Dazzle, Co-Founder & Creative Director for DreamDry salon in NY

Did You Know:
*Her mentor is Anne Winters
*She married her college sweet heart, Rodger Berman, President of Rachel Zoe Inc.
*She dropped her last name because it sounded “too Jewish”

Celeb Pick of the Week-Toni Garrn


This sexy model was not at work when she wore this gorgeous emerald green lace dress by Elie Saab to the
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala held in Saint Tropez, France on Wednesday. Garrn’s dress took center stage for the occasion that showed just enough skin and was yet still elegant at the same time. She also chose a natural look when it came to her makeup and barely there accessories. I’m sure her boyfriend Leo had no complaints. 🙂

Getty Image

Trending: The Fanny Pack


Ok so the fanny pack trend is definitely one that you have been popping up with some of your favorite celebrities lately. Just last week Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed his love for the fanny from back in the day by releasing a picture that captured everything 90’s in one shot! Now, I think “The Rock” looks good in just about anything, but fanny pack is one style he can do without!

So what is so cool about the fanny pack? Well if your a girl, it’s the fact that you can carry everything you need hands free! This is very useful when at a club, jogging or just wanting to make a stylish statement! I remember my Jansport fanny from back in the day and feeling like I was one of the coolest kids in the world! With so many stylish variations today, I wouldn’t mind getting another, especially if it was ultra cute like the lavender Chanel one Rihanna rocked this past spring!!!



If you’re thinking about sporting the look this season, here are some fashionable and affordable finds:

Victoria Secret $29.50

L.L. Bean $50

Etsy $36

Etsy $24.99

Etsy $53.88


Etsy $54

Now fellas, I’m not really big on men wearing fanny packs, however here are a couple that are cool, masculine looking and won’t break the bank either:


Etsy $35

image $12.60

Happy shopping Ladies and Gents!

C. U.T.E Boutique Grand Opening


Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening for C.U.T.E Boutique in downtown Richmond from 7-10pm. I was there to support friend, Vanita Baugh who after several months of prepping, was finally ready to open the doors of her very stylish and trendy consignment shop! It was a fun filled night of picture taking, music, networking, makeovers, sweet treats, drinks and of course shopping!

The entire set up was catered to that girly girl who thrives only on the best at an affordable price. The pink decor and black and white set up made it seem like you were shopping in posh style luxury closet! There was truly something for everyone with sizes ranging from 0-16 in clothing and 5-11 in shoes. Not to mention, the array of accessories, jewelry and handbags! As the night grew on, more and more people turned up for affair. For some, this may have just been a store opening, but for many of us there, it was a celebration of achievement and seeing hard work being paid off.


One of my favorite things that I thought was special about the shop was this wall of style encouragement that you saw as soon as you entered the shop. Whether you read quotes like, “God is a designer” or “Its not about brand, its about style,” one could find something to use in their everyday life. My favorite, “Style: because your personality isn’t the first thing possible see,” um yeah that couldn’t be anymore truer!


Pictured above: Ms. Baugh and her team of interns. In second photo, Ms. Baugh, her sister Debra and I.


Oh and what’s this? Did someone win a raffle? I did…I think! See  my cousin Lakeysha who also attended the event, received a ticket and gave it to me b/c she was about to leave. Well, of course as soon as she gave it to me I didn’t know which one was whose, so we agreed to split the prize if one of us one. I heard the prize was a C.U.T.E tee shirt and if that’s the case somebody might be disappointed! If it’s my size you know I will be styling it on the blog!  🙂 Congrats again on all your success Vanita!!!

If you are interested in becoming a consignor with C.U.T.E Boutique or simply want to check out the shop they are located at:
518A W Grace St. (right near the VCU campus) Phone: (804) 912-2527
Open: Monday-Friday 11-7/Saturday 10-7/Sunday 12-6



Outside store photo courtesy of Vanita Baugh

Royally Blue

The “skater” trend is still a popular style for this season whether your sporting it as a skirt or a dress. I chose to go with the dress and ordered this cute one featuring a criss cross back in royal blue from Nordstrom. This style is different for me because I don’t typically wear this length being that I got them hips and thighs! However, I think this one just past the test. What do you think? I think I should get another! 😉






Dress, Belt & Jewlery Nordstrom/Watch-Burberry/ Moccasins-Minnetonka/ Green ScarfGhana, Africa

Remote Control Birth Control! What?


According to the MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates has just given $46 million to the research and development of a micro chip birth control that is to be inserted under the skin. Gates idea is that the chip will release hormones daily to help prevent pregnancy and when ready to conceive, one can use a remote control to turn it off. The only thing now is getting the chip encrypted so it isn’t hacked and getting FDA approval.

I understand that it can be hard to remember to take “the pill” and some of the other methods like IUD’s doesn’t work for everybody, yet I’m not sure that this method is the way to go. We live in a generation that is all about the over usage of electronics such as computers, cell phones and video games. Now we are adding a chip to the mix that must release electric currents through thin seals to melt resevoirs containing the hormones to be released in the body. Maybe its just me, but I can’t help, but wonder if there will be news reports 5 years later saying that electrical waves have caused cancer from the prolonged use of all of the forms above (you know is always something)!

Preliminary testing is suppose to start in 2015 and become available by 2018. Once the chip is inserted, the hormone dosages can be increased/decreased by your doctor and the chip can be stored in the body for up to 16 years at a time. I can tell you now that I certainly will not be standing in line for one of these and I am pretty sure a couple with 19 kids and counting will not be either! 🙂

What do you think about the new contraceptive?

Photo courtesy of MicroCHIPS