The Road to Yellow Pants

I got these yellow crop pants a couple of years ago when colored bottoms were popular from H&M. I basically talked myself into buying them even though I felt they would accentuate my greater assests ;). However up until now, I just wasn’t daring enough to pull them off.

Being that I have curves, I am a strong believer that darker colors, on your bottom half are slimming to the eye and anything lighter may bring unwanted attention. In my case, I felt everyone would see my hips and thighs coming before they really saw me!

After going back and forth and nearly giving them away, I decided to try on the pants again and add this cute diamond printed blouse to the mix. I love this top because it flares out and it stops at my hips giving my look a good balance. Most importantly, I’m less conscious about how my hips and thighs look.






SN: I think sometimes you got to give yourself a little time when it comes to creating the perfect outfit (in my case two years, which was way too much time lol). You also have to be in the right mind set. You can ‘t focus on how big or small a part of you is and let that stop you from wearing what you love. I almost did and missed out on a great summer outfit! Layta

Green Printed Top- French Connection/ Pants- H&M/Accessories-Nordstrom/ Open Toe Flats-Charlotte Rouse


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