C. U.T.E Boutique Grand Opening


Saturday night I had the pleasure of attending the Grand Opening for C.U.T.E Boutique in downtown Richmond from 7-10pm. I was there to support friend, Vanita Baugh who after several months of prepping, was finally ready to open the doors of her very stylish and trendy consignment shop! It was a fun filled night of picture taking, music, networking, makeovers, sweet treats, drinks and of course shopping!

The entire set up was catered to that girly girl who thrives only on the best at an affordable price. The pink decor and black and white set up made it seem like you were shopping in posh style luxury closet! There was truly something for everyone with sizes ranging from 0-16 in clothing and 5-11 in shoes. Not to mention, the array of accessories, jewelry and handbags! As the night grew on, more and more people turned up for affair. For some, this may have just been a store opening, but for many of us there, it was a celebration of achievement and seeing hard work being paid off.


One of my favorite things that I thought was special about the shop was this wall of style encouragement that you saw as soon as you entered the shop. Whether you read quotes like, “God is a designer” or “Its not about brand, its about style,” one could find something to use in their everyday life. My favorite, “Style: because your personality isn’t the first thing possible see,” um yeah that couldn’t be anymore truer!


Pictured above: Ms. Baugh and her team of interns. In second photo, Ms. Baugh, her sister Debra and I.


Oh and what’s this? Did someone win a raffle? I did…I think! See  my cousin Lakeysha who also attended the event, received a ticket and gave it to me b/c she was about to leave. Well, of course as soon as she gave it to me I didn’t know which one was whose, so we agreed to split the prize if one of us one. I heard the prize was a C.U.T.E tee shirt and if that’s the case somebody might be disappointed! If it’s my size you know I will be styling it on the blog!  🙂 Congrats again on all your success Vanita!!!

If you are interested in becoming a consignor with C.U.T.E Boutique or simply want to check out the shop they are located at:
518A W Grace St. (right near the VCU campus) Phone: (804) 912-2527
Open: Monday-Friday 11-7/Saturday 10-7/Sunday 12-6



Outside store photo courtesy of Vanita Baugh

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