Trending: The Fanny Pack


Ok so the fanny pack trend is definitely one that you have been popping up with some of your favorite celebrities lately. Just last week Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed his love for the fanny from back in the day by releasing a picture that captured everything 90’s in one shot! Now, I think “The Rock” looks good in just about anything, but fanny pack is one style he can do without!

So what is so cool about the fanny pack? Well if your a girl, it’s the fact that you can carry everything you need hands free! This is very useful when at a club, jogging or just wanting to make a stylish statement! I remember my Jansport fanny from back in the day and feeling like I was one of the coolest kids in the world! With so many stylish variations today, I wouldn’t mind getting another, especially if it was ultra cute like the lavender Chanel one Rihanna rocked this past spring!!!



If you’re thinking about sporting the look this season, here are some fashionable and affordable finds:

Victoria Secret $29.50

L.L. Bean $50

Etsy $36

Etsy $24.99

Etsy $53.88


Etsy $54

Now fellas, I’m not really big on men wearing fanny packs, however here are a couple that are cool, masculine looking and won’t break the bank either:


Etsy $35

image $12.60

Happy shopping Ladies and Gents!

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