Not Giving In: The Final Days of Summer

Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd and you better believe I am going to get in as many “Summer” like outfits that I can (as long as the weather complys)! Such would be this printed blouse from BCBG and how I love all its subtle details! The fun and colorful animal print, the gathered wrap style in the middle, its soft fabrication and and those split sleeves just excites me!

I also love that I can dress my blouse down with a pair of jeans and my favorite pair of ballet flats. Or for a dressier look, I have worn a pair of black slacks and pumps for work. And yes, I did say black! Contrary to what some may think, black and blue (or navy), can be worn together. It’s all about accessorizing and the right balance of colors! So how are you wearing out the final days of the season?








Split Arm Top-BCBG/Skinny Jeans-Vigoss/Ballet Shoes-Linea Paolo/ Leaf Earrings & Bangles-Nordstrom/Diamond Studded Heart Chain Bracelet-A gift from my sister in law 💜

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