Simple Home Beauty Remedies

While looking online for my latest diy beauty project, I came across some beauty tips and wanted to share. I also was surprised to learn how common baking soda was used as an active ingredient! Please feel free to share any others that I can add to my list. 😉 *Trouble removing your makeup? Give... Continue Reading →

12 Ways to Wear a Scarf

The Fall season is all about having the perfect scarf! With so many ways to wear one, here are just a few basic looks that are sure to compliment any look! Photos courtesy of Nordstrom

A Lesson Learned

Last night I went to support my husband at an event downtown. I had already known that the weather was probably going to get cooler returning home,  however for the moment it was nice outside and I didn't want to carry a coat. Especially since I was already wearing this cute little blazer! Needless to... Continue Reading →

Buy of the Week-H&M Wrap Dress

I can't imagine anything else more comfortable than a wrap dress! This zebra printed beauty is from H&M and stops at the knees. It's made of jersey material with a little added sheen and it's on sale for only $15! How cute would this be during the holidays with boots or red sexy pumps? Happy... Continue Reading →

Trafficking Fashion: Behind the Show

On last Saturday I attended the "Trafficking Fashion" show at The Mix Gallery that was hosted by Vainta Baugh, shop owner of C.U.T.E BOUTIQUE. This event was not just another "fashion show," it's purpose was to bring awareness to the increasing population of homelessness in the area. People who attended where ask to bring a... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday- Oscar de la Renta

In light of his recent passing, it only felt right to honor such an influential designer. Birth Name: Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo Born: July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic of Spanish descent *At 18 years old studied painting in Spain at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid -also picked up love for... Continue Reading →

Red Red Wine

Ok so I'm not a drinker, but I love the color of red wine (and the song lol)! In other words, I love a deep red color. Growing up my mother always wore her favorite lipstick called "wine." When I was old enough,  to wear make up I naturally wanted to wear her wine colored... Continue Reading →

Bootie vs. Shootie

How well do you know the difference? If you are like me, for a long time I wasn't aware there was a difference between the "bootie" and the "shootie" when the term was introduced a few years ago. However, once I discovered how they were different it made sense! So what is the difference you may... Continue Reading →

An Added Piece

This was the perfect look for running errands on a day where the weather was crisp,  but the sun was shining bright. I love a good scarf in this season and I have plenty of them! You may be surprised to learn that I even wear them around the house cause I'm always cold!  Lol.... Continue Reading →

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