Simple Home Beauty Remedies

While looking online for my latest diy beauty project, I came across some beauty tips and wanted to share. I also was surprised to learn how common baking soda was used as an active ingredient! Please feel free to share any others that I can add to my list. ūüėČ

*Trouble removing your makeup? Give Vasaline a try, it will also moisturize your skin.

*Mix baking soda with lemon juice to act as an exfoliant for the face!

*Pimples? Mix baking soda w/water to help dry them out.

*For whiter teeth, use an equal amount of strawberries (mashed) with baking soda and put on teeth for 30 minutes before rinsing out. (Be careful, not to do often b/c the sugar can wear down enamel)

*Did you know coconut oil is not only great for your hair, but a go to moisturizer for the skin?

*Want to get rid of the appearance of dry cracked feet? Soak feet in 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide and 2 cups of hot water for 30 min. Dry feet then use a pomice to rid dead skin then apply lotion.

*For white healthy nails, once a week use 2 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and leave on nails for about 3 min. and then rinse.

*Want to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes?  Mix a little Vitamin E with coconut oil!

*Adding an egg to your hair shampoo is known to help grow and promote stronger hair.

If you don’t clean your cosmetic brushes often, they can lead to face break outs. Here is a simple trick to cleaning them: Just use 1tsp. of baking soda and 1/2 cup of water and walah!

Sources: Pinterest


A Lesson Learned

Last night I went to support my husband at an event downtown. I had already known that the weather was probably going to get cooler returning home,  however for the moment it was nice outside and I didn’t want to carry a coat. Especially since I was already wearing this cute little blazer!

Needless to say, my price for trying to look cute last night had me waking up with a sore throat and coughing this morning. Despite me getting sick, my look wasn’t loud,  uncomfortable or showed too much skin. It was pretty simple and was certainly appropriate for an evening filled with laughs, encouraging words and meeting new people! My advice to myself…next time just wear the coat!






Knit Blazer, Jeans & Jewelry-Nordstrom/
Gold Shimmery Tank-JCPenney/ Deconstructed Skinny Jeans-Vigoss/ Suede Slouch Boots-Aldo/ Handbag-Coach

Buy of the Week-H&M Wrap Dress

dress I can’t imagine anything else more comfortable than a wrap dress! This zebra printed beauty is from H&M and stops at the knees. It’s made of jersey material with a little added sheen and it’s on sale for only $15! How cute would this be during the holidays with boots or red sexy pumps?

Happy shopping ladies!

Trafficking Fashion: Behind the Show

On last Saturday I attended the “Trafficking Fashion” show at The Mix Gallery that was hosted by Vainta Baugh, shop owner of C.U.T.E BOUTIQUE. This event was not just another “fashion show,” it’s purpose was to bring awareness to the increasing population of homelessness in the area. People who attended where ask to bring a donation of non perishable items like canned goods, blankets, clothes and anything they could give.¬† After the show, I had a few questions I wanted to ask Vanita on how she went about creating such an impactful event. Please read below:

Vanita Baugh, owner of C.U.T.E BOUTIQUE and I.

What made you want to create a fashion show centered around helping the homeless?

“Since I’ve opened my shop at the beginning of May, I have noticed the increase state of homeless people. Monroe Park is right up the street from my shop where most of them hang out, sleep on benches and come to get food from charitable organizations or churches. During my build, I have helped some of them by allowing them to assist me with cleaning up my shop, helping breakdown fixtures, painting etc. Then I would pay them a few dollars to get food or I would buy them something to eat and drink for helping out.

A few [homeless], sleep right across the street on Daily Planet steps. Those are the few that I have come to know very well. They are really nice people and what I have learned is that everyone has a story and something to give. It is through this experience God has put on my heart and given me this divine idea to help the homeless.

I have always been involved in community outreach since my first shop My Closet-Your Treasures. I am a survivor and advocate for domestic violence and
I would donate clothing to the battered women shelters. I also hosted a ton of charitable fashion shows and networking events revolved around helping others and giving back to create awareness at Lakeside.”

What was your planning process like and how long did it take you?

“The planning process was a lot to prepare for. Nothing ever goes as planned, but it always works out fine. I had to secure the venue first, do a model call, network to get sponsors, market and promote the event. Next, I had to prepare the looks for each scene and write a narrative to describe the looks. In addition, I had to get information from the organizations which were the Daily Planet and included meeting Christine Duncan from Feed More.

This was on top of working my part time job at Ann Taylor and running my shop. God is amazing. I couldn’t have pulled this off without Him. From the strength, time, energy and to connecting me with the right people. Whether it was the smallest or biggest part they played to make this event happen…I am truly grateful for everyone!!”

How do it feel to have such a successful event and what message did you hope to convey?

C.U.T.E is all about promoting service, outreach and embracing the need of RVA. The philosophy of C.U.T.E BOUTIQUE is to build confidence and acknowledge that we all have something to give. It feels good to know that I have done my part in what I set out to do. It got done no matter what!

Never let people discourage you from what God put on your heart to do. You do your best and God will do the rest! I am a firm believer in that everything that happens is for a reason and happens the way it suppose to happen. Out of¬† the 94 people that registered only about 20-30 people attended and it still was an amazing successful event. #TGBTG Stay tuned for the next charitable fashion show event in the Spring!”

In addition to all Vanita is busy doing, she also tries to find time to provide bagged lunches to the homeless in Monroe park using her own money. She also brings her youngest son, showing him the importance of helping those in need.


Some head turning looks from the night!




This show stopping piece was my favorite of the night!

Catering from Aiyesha Kitchen and raffled prizes from local sponsors.

All I can say is WOW!¬† Vanita is certainly a woman who is not only in the business of fashion, but in the business of helping those that are in need and inspiring others to do the same along the way. If you would like to learn more about ways you can help the homeless, please log on to or The holidays are coming and each year we proclaim what we are thankful for…lets help to give someone else the ability to do the same!

*I ask that you keep the Baugh family in prayer as they are dealing with the loss of a loved one from over the weekend.

Designer Tuesday- Oscar de la Renta

In light of his recent passing, it only felt right to honor such an influential designer.


Birth Name: √ďscar Ar√≠stides Renta Fiallo

Born: July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic of Spanish descent

*At 18 years old studied painting in Spain at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid
-also picked up love for fashion and began sketching
Рthe wife of the US Ambassador to Spain, saw some of his designs and had him create a gown for her daughter (the dress appeared on the cover of Life magazine)

*Got an apprenticeship with his mentor,  Crist√≥bal Balenciaga

*Later joined Antonio del Castillo as couture assistant at Lanvin in Paris

*To make a name for himself, in 1963 at 31, he went to work for Elizabeth Arden in New York for 2 years

*After leaving Arden, designed for Jane Derby in 1965
-after Derby’s death that same year, de la Renta took over the line calling it Oscar de la Renta for Jane Derby before changing it in 1966 to just his name

*In 1967, he married Françoise de Langlade, editor-in-chief for Vogue Paris

*1974 took full control of Derby’s company

*1977 created the fragrance titled Oscar

*1983 wife passed away from cancer
-adopted a son Moises from Dominican Republic to have a sense of family

*1989 remarried a New York philanthropist named Annette and gained 3 step children

*1993-2002 designed for Balmain’s haute couture collection

*2001 introduced accessories to his brand

*2002 introduced homeware

*Created a less expensive line called O Oscar in 2004 along with an eyewear

*2006 took his label to the next level by introducing bridal wear
-same year diagnosed with cancer
-continued to work

*Succom to complications due to cancer at his home in Connecticut on Monday 20th 2014

Did you know?
*He designed Tortuga Bay, a boutique hotel at Puntacana Resort and Club in 2006

*Dressing Jacqueline Kennedy in the 1960’s made him more recognizable the fashion industry

*Was inducted into the International Best Dresses List Hall of Fame in 1973

*A¬†Spanish custom, the first or paternal name was Renta¬†and the second or maternal family name was Fiallo creating √ďscar Ar√≠stides Renta Fiallo

Red Red Wine

Ok so I’m not a drinker, but I love the color of red wine (and the song lol)! In other words, I love a deep red color. Growing up my mother always wore her favorite lipstick called “wine.” When I was old enough,  to wear make up I naturally wanted to wear her wine colored lipstick too!

I thought that the color looked so good on me that I wore it every chance I got. I even had a roommate in college have an intervention because I wore one particular wine colored turtle neck sweater too much! 😁 As I have gotten older,  I have tried to wear other shades of red,  however nothing compares or looks as good as red red wine.






What is your favorite shade of red?

Cardigan Sweater, Tank, Jewlery, Leopard Jeggings and Boots-Nordstrom