Allergic to my own Sweat

No you are not misreading reading the title, I am allergic to my own sweat... well sort of. I have what is called Exercise Induced Urticaria. What is that you ask? As I understand it, its when the mast cells in your immune system releases histamine and causes welts or raised bumps due physical exertion.... Continue Reading →

Rihanna Takes Over Puma Athletics

Puma has a new Creative Director for their women's athletic wear and her name is Rihanna. The R&B singer went to the headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany on Monday December 15th for her first design session that will include both apparel and shoes. The singer is not only Creative Director, but Global Brand Ambassador for the... Continue Reading →

No Need to Wait for 2015

The time is here where most start to pen their "New Year Resolutions." Year after year we proclaim things such as going to church more, getting in relationship, finding a better job, going back to school,  stop smoking/drinking and the #1 favorite,  lossing weight! As soon as January 1st hits, we all know the deal!... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected

I love the saying, "keep 'em guessing," particularly when it comes to the style of dressing!  There is nothing wrong with liking what you like,  but sometimes we unconsciously get stuck doing the same old thing because we are comfortable and are afraid of the unknown. However with that being so,  every once in a... Continue Reading →

In Love with the Gaucho

The gaucho aka "culottes," is an "oldie, but goodie" that is seen usually during the Fall season, but can be also worn in the Spring. I have always been drawn to the style and I truly hope it never goes away!  The wide leg cut is right up my alley (no pun intended lol), which... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday-Christian Dior

Born: January 21, 1905 in Normandy, France Birth Name: Christian Dior *Moved to Paris when he was a boy and loved art and wanted to be an architect *In 1925 encouraged by father to attend Écolebdes Science Politiques school for political science *In 1928 after finishing school; financed an art gallery with his fathers help... Continue Reading →

Trending: Fur Jackets

During this holiday season, nothing makes a statement quiet like a fur jacket...even if it's faux! I love how the vintage look ads the perfect sophistication to any style. I actually have one my mother bought me several years ago that I never wore because I always felt it looked "too old." I don't know... Continue Reading →

Cozy Chíc

Nothing is better than wearing a comfortable chunky sweater when its cold out. For the last couple of weeks this has been my favorite go to piece. I like the neutral color which means it can go with almost anything and the fact I can dress it up or down is also a plus! This... Continue Reading →

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