Allergic to my own Sweat


No you are not misreading reading the title, I am allergic to my own sweat… well sort of. I have what is called Exercise Induced Urticaria. What is that you ask? As I understand it, its when the mast cells in your immune system releases histamine and causes welts or raised bumps due physical exertion. In a nut shell, I break out in hives when I sweat, which is brought on by exercising.

My first real encounter with the condition was when I had my first mile run in middle school. As soon as I finished running and got to the locker room I just started scratching my legs uncontrollably and then all over my body from head to toe. I literally scratched until my legs were numb and I  couldn’t feel anything.

I remember crying because I didn’t know what was happening and why. I couldn’t look at at anything that was dirty including dirt itself because it would just send me scratching all over again.  At the time I thought it was an isolated experience because I had  never had it happen before, but then again, I had never attempted run the mile before.

On another occasion I willingly decided to go running around in my neighborhood for some exercise. I started jogging and then decided to push myself by running up these long flight of stairs down the street from where I lived. All I know is by the time I went up the stairs and down, I was itching. I didn’t know how I was going to get home. 

I was itching like a crazy women and everything I saw outdoors made it worse! The bushes, dirt, tissue on the ground, I was in agony. I closed my eyes and prayed asking God to just help me make it back home. Needless to say, I did make it home, but I knew this was no longer an isolated experience.

I did ask my doctor at some point in my life, but they didn’t know what it was the result of. I recently learned that a lot of cases were misdiagnosed over the years because some doctors just didn’t know what they were dealing with. Today there are several different types of urticaria (hives) and some are more severe than others and even life threatening.

Some control the breakout by taking an antihistamine like Zyrtec an hour before planned exercise or something stronger prescribed by their doctor. In all cases, doctors recommend exercising with a partner just incase and emergency arises. I consider myself very fortunate to not have this condition on the extreme end. I can only imagine how scary that could be.

Over the years I have noticed that I don’t break out everytime I exercise, it’s only when I am running, jogging or over exerting myself. I do try to stick to moderate to low workouts and make sure to have a fan nearby to keep me cool. I wear light weight or very little clothing (my workouts are mostly done in the house). In addition, I drink ice cold water and use a wet rag to help bring my body temperature down.

I have tried a antihistamine, but I don’t know if it worked because the two times I took them, I didn’t wait an hour for it to work. I attempted my workouts and ended up paying for it 10-15 minutes later! I definitely plan on getting a handle on this and not allowing it to stop me from doing what I want to do.

One of these days I will be able to run a marathon, but in the meantime, yall pray for me because even as I write about my condition, I’m beginning to itch. Smh.


Rihanna Takes Over Puma Athletics


Puma has a new Creative Director for their women’s athletic wear and her name is Rihanna. The R&B singer went to the headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany on Monday December 15th for her first design session that will include both apparel and shoes. The singer is not only Creative Director, but Global Brand Ambassador for the company too. Initially, Puma wanted Rihanna to be the face of their brand, but she wanted to be much more. She wanted to aide in the restructuring of the company by helping with concept, ideas and overall direction. Because Puma identifies itself as having body confidence, bravery and determination, they felt Rihanna symbolized the same or as Adam Petrick (Global Brand & Marketing Director of Puma) put it, “she pushes the limits and “she’s a game changer.”

The brand is currently struggling to keep up with such competitors as Nike and Adidas, so this comes at just the right time that they enlist the help of the newly titled “Fashion Icon.” This will be a multi year partnership for Rihanna who will be featured next year in the 2015 Fall campaign. She recently told Womens Wear Daily (WWD), she wants to  “modernize it [Puma] by highlighting the classics and going from things that make Puma Puma — give it a youthfulness, make it hip.”   This stands to be a great investment for Puma because Rihanna has already successfully represented other high profile brands such as Gucci, Giorgio Armani, MAC and Balmain.


No Need to Wait for 2015

The time is here where most start to pen their “New Year Resolutions.” Year after year we proclaim things such as going to church more, getting in relationship, finding a better job, going back to school,  stop smoking/drinking and the #1 favorite,  lossing weight! As soon as January 1st hits, we all know the deal! We start off really well and keep it going for about month, then before you know it, the progression has stopped and we are preparing for another “New Year” with a do over.

My challenge to you is to stop waiting until the “New Year” to start the new you. My Bishop wrote on his FB the other day that he was breaking up with his self. Meaning,  he was putting off his old ways so he could reach his goals in life and be at an even greater level in God.

Today in church, the message was from my favorite scripture,
Mathew 7:7:
“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
This really had me thinking…

If you need God to do something in your life, this scripture lays it all out for you. God doesn’t say your request must be acted upon during specific days or hours, so why should you? Don’t wait to start a “New Years Resolution.” Let your new beginning be now! Seek the Lord in all you do and be amazed at what He will do.

Happy New Year Everyone!

The Unexpected

I love the saying, “keep ’em guessing,” particularly when it comes to the style of dressing!  There is nothing wrong with liking what you like,  but sometimes we unconsciously get stuck doing the same old thing because we are comfortable and are afraid of the unknown. However with that being so,  every once in a while we have to learn to step out of the box.

When it comes to styling, everyone knows the “safe” color of choice is black. It’s easy to wear,  its easy to find and most importantly slimming! I love me some black just as much as the next person,  but instead of wearing all black from head to toe, try mixing it up and adding a color or a fun print. A colored blazer, sweater, pumps or even jewelry can turn any outfit from drab to fab! Just take a look! 






Cobalt Blue Blazer-Forever21/ Animal Print Dress-Tahari Levine/ Open Toe Patent Shoes-Target

In Love with the Gaucho

The gaucho aka “culottes,” is an “oldie, but goodie” that is seen usually during the Fall season, but can be also worn in the Spring. I have always been drawn to the style and I truly hope it never goes away!  The wide leg cut is right up my alley (no pun intended lol), which makes it comfortable and easy to wear if you have curves. I also can appreciate how the higher waist gives me more definition across the middle. There are just some styles that you will naturally gravitate toward for one reason or another.

As for me…this is it. I’m in love with the gaucho.





Button Down Blouse-Laundry/Gaucho Pant, Leather Belt & Suede Boots-Nordstrom

Designer Tuesday-Christian Dior


Born: January 21, 1905 in Normandy, France

Birth Name: Christian Dior

*Moved to Paris when he was a boy and loved art and wanted to be an architect

*In 1925 encouraged by father to attend Écolebdes Science Politiques school for political science

*In 1928 after finishing school; financed an art gallery with his fathers help

*1937 designed 3 collections for fashion designer Robert Piguet

*Joined the Lucien Leling fashion house along with Balmain where they were the primary designers

*1940’s Designed dresses for wives of Nazi officers and French collaborators

*In December of 1946, founded his fashion house,  backed by Marcel Boussac

*February 1947 the line of his first collection was called Corolle,
-Created shapes and silhouettes to give a voluptuous look

*His style was referred to as the New Look by Haper’s Bazaar editor in chief, Caramel Snow

*The New Look revolutionized women’s dress and creestablished Paris as the center of fashion world after WW2

*1st  perfume “Miss Dior” in 1947

*Tragically dies while vacating in Montecatini, Italy on October 23, 1957 from a heart attack at the age of 52

*Raf Simons is the artistic director, who replaced John Galliano in 2012 after he made anti-Semitic remarks

Did You Know?

*When younger, he sold his sketches for 10¢ each

*strongly believed in “signs” and supersitions and had fortune tellers accompany him throughout his life

*1957 was on the cover of Time magazine

*Was an officer in French military / /

Trending: Fur Jackets


During this holiday season, nothing makes a statement quiet like a fur jacket…even if it’s faux! I love how the vintage look ads the perfect sophistication to any style. I actually have one my mother bought me several years ago that I never wore because I always felt it looked “too old.” I don’t know if it was that particular jacket I didn’t like or the fact that I am just older and can appreciate style, but I am diggin’ the look and definitely want another (picts coming soon)!

Faux furs pictured above are all available at Forever21 and on sale for $27.93-$45.53