More Than Just a “Food Truck”: West 47th


I know many of you are aware of the explosion of food trucks that have been seen all across the nation. Well now that same concept is being taken to a whole other level and can be experienced right here in Richmond!  Leslie Marie a native of the city, is beginning her own mobile store. In it she plans to display as she says,  “a mix of accessories, beauty, fashion, gifts and home décor that reflect a sense of style that transcends time. In addition, there will be pieces by local artisans and repurposed finds.”


In case you didn’t know, Leslie is the creator behind the “Doll’s in the City Tour, ” where during the summers, she travels along the East Coast providing a forum where women can meet,  mingle,  sample beauty products and shop fashion trends.  As a single mom,  it is important to Leslie to show other women how they too can be a business woman,  entrepreneur and mom. In an effort to make sure her own daughter never forgets where she comes from, Leslie has dedicated the name her mobile business after a familiar place they call home on West 47th street.

Perhaps the biggest reason Leslie wants to see her latest business venture become such a  success is because it was a dream her and her father were going to start together last year. Unfortunately, her father had a bout with cancer and passed away just this December. With the help of close family and good friends, Leslie is still making her dream happen and could use all the additional support she can.


Leslie has started a campaign and is asking for your assistance on Kickstarter to help in her efforts to transform her newly bought work van into a mobile work of art. She also plans on documenting every step of her journey so stay tuned for the follow up. Once all goes to plan,  you will see West 47th in a city near you in September!


To find out more about West 47th and to support go to as well as check out Leslie’s Instagram @west47th

Photos courtesy of Leslie Marie

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