Designer Tuesday-Giorgio Armani


Birth Name: Giorgio Armani

Born: July 11,1934 Piacenza, Italy of Italian descent

*Studied 3 years of medical school and worked in a military hospital

*Went to work at La Rinasonte as a window dresser in Milan after leaving the military

*Sometime in the 1960’s began working with designer Nino Cerruti designing meanswear and freelancing for other manufacturers

*In July 1975 Armani and his friend, Sergio Galeotti created Giorgio Armani S.p.A introducing menswear and then women’s wear the following year

*Became popular in the 80’s after his “power suits” for men appeared on the show Miami Vice and movie American Gigolo

*In 1985, Galeotti died of AIDS leaving Armani to become both designer and Executive Director of his line

*In1989 opened his first restaurant in Italy

*Was found guilty in 1990 of bribing Italian tax officials in 1989 and 1990

*In 1990 had over 200 stores worldwide and annual sales near $2 billion

*2010 opened first hotel in Dubai

*Today, Armani’s collection can be found in 37 countries and he has an estimated worth of just under $8 billion

Did You Know:
*Armani was the first designer to ban working with models with a body mass under 18 after model Ana Carolina Reston suffered with anorexia nervosa

*Samsung partnered with Armani to create the Giorgio Armani phone

*Designed many of the costumes for Lady Gaga’s “Monster Ball” and “Born This Way” tour

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