Top 12 Vaseline Beauty Uses

I just love finding multiple uses for an item and what’s even better is sharing it with friends like you! Here are just a few of my favorite!


#1 Lip Exfoliate: Can be used as a base to make a sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips.

#2 Lip Balm: Best known for adding moisture to dry cracked lips

#3 Love Your Feet: Great when applied to the feet and socks are worn overnight for soft heels and toes.image

#4 Eye Lashes: Helps to give your eye lashes shine and can also be used to get rid of both mascara and eye makeup!

#5 Hard to Open Nail Polish: Apply around the neck of nail polish to prevent the cap from sticking to the bottle.

#6 Nail Painting: Use Vaseline to cover the skin around the nails to keep the polish from sticking to it.

#7 Cuticle Care: Great for conditioning the cuticles for both hands and feet.

#8 Sensitive Ears: Good source for coating earrings that might cause your ears to otherwise be sensitive.


#9 A Lingering Scent: Apply a thin layer on skin before spraying perfume to make your fragrance last longer.

#10 Anti Dye: Avoid the hair dye from staining your forehead by applying a thin layer of around your hairline before coloring your hair.

#11 Highlight Cheekbones: Great way to make the cheek bones stand out more.


#12  Shoe Shine: Dab a little on your shoes to give them the perfect shine for that special occasion


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