Celeb Pick of the Week-Helen Mirren

Love this fitted gown by Jenny Packham! Mirren Looked stunning at The Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) this past Saturday in Los Angeles. The beaded silver gown is very classic and appropriate on the 70 year old actress. What do you think?

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Wintry Basics

Yea for the snow right? Kids are loving it because there is no school, they can sleep in, and best of all build a snow man. Yet me personally, I used to (and still) only like snow if it could get me out of work.  Otherwise, I don’t want to touch it, taste it or even hear the sounds of folks walking in it! Lol

However, if I have to be out in the snow, I make sure that I am fully dressed for the occasion! In this short post I have compiled just a few key pieces that every lady should own as well as a guide when using them during this wintry season. Enjoy!


You can’t survive winter without winter boots! Whether they are Uggs or true snow boots, they will be your best friend going from point A to point B in the snow!


Yesss! The tunic sweater and it should be worn right…with leggings. This style should not be confused for a “short dress.” This can also be worn with skinny jeans for an even more flattering look. 


Leggings! Believe it or not, this is a great staple in any women’s wardrobe whether big or small. The problem comes in when we start to wear these as just pants. To make matters worst the leggings are often cheap and thin allowing us to see your assessts. Please don’t go there!

 Layering is crucial! Instead of just wearing your coat over your tee shirt, be sure you are using it as a layering piece under your sweater to keep from being cold and catching a cold!

Get the skinny. Skinny jeans are ideal during the winter season they fit perfectly into your boots and unlike leggings, they are thicker and will be a great stylish defense against the cold. 

  One of my favorites! A scarve is definitely a must have. Matter fact get several in different textures, colors and weight. A scarve is an accessory that can turn a plain outfit into one that pops! 

  Every woman needs a stylish coat, especially one that can be worn for semi dressed  up and dress down occasions. My advice: get a wool coat. Whether single or double breasted, it is a great look with everyday or wear to work. 

Which are your favorite “Wintry” Basics” pieces to wear?

Post Baby 

So here it is, my post baby body. I must say, this third pregnancy had me started at the smallest weight and ending the biggest! I have already lost just over 20lbs and still have a good amount to go since having Josiah nearly 5 weeks ago. So what can I attribute the weight loss too? I think it’s a little of everything. 

I can’t say it was all nursing because I nursed all of my children and I remember thinking with my first that someone was lying about it burning calories. With my second child, I can say I did loose the extra weight a lot quicker. I think it also was due to the fact that I am a snacker and if I had the choice between food or sleep, I chose sleep (still so to this day). 

Even with that being so, I have been drinking lots of water throughout the day and night (normally I would not drink as much). Lastly, I gave birth to a 7.2lbs baby and all the extra stuff that came along with him. So as I said before, I think it’s a little of everything. In the next couple of weeks I will kick it up a notch by getting into the gym! 

Y’all ain’t ready! ­čśť


Plaid Shirt-H&M/ Jeggings-Nordstom/Boots-Ugg

David Bowie: Moments in Fashion

It’s  been a minute since I have posted to the blog and I figured this would be a good day to start.

I was never a die hard fan of David Bowie’s music because it just wasn’t my style. I was a fan however of how he managed to stay with his super model wife Iman, for nearly two decades (which is rare in Hollywood). I also admired how they were both celebrities in their own right and still kept their private lives private. 

As I learned more about Bowie after his recent passing, it was hard to ignore his fashion sense. He was not just a rock legend, but many things including fashion icon. Now I must say, a lot of Bowie’s outfits and lack thereof made you think, “what in the world?” Well at least it made me!

Bowie definitely crossed barriers when it came to his androgynous style of dress. At the end of the day, I think he was a true testament to all that no matter what you look like, as long as you were being true to yourself, success would follow you. Here is a look at some of Bowie’s outfits that span over 50 years. Enjoy!




What do you think about Bowie’s fashion statements over the years?   
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