Happy Birthday to Me!

So I am yet another year older (35 to be exact)! When I think about how long I have walked this Earth I have realized I still have so much to accomplish. God has truly blessed me and proven His WORD over the years and for that I am so grateful! There is so much more He must do in me that remains to be seen and I can’t wait for it to be revealed! šŸ˜˜







Jacket –H&M/ Tank& Jewelry-Nordstrom/Skirt-Forever21/ Shoes-Alfani

Makeup: Me



Spring Trend Alert: LingerieĀ 

What’s up in fashion for Spring? Lingerie of course! Most of us are use to seeing this look in the bedroom behind closed doors. However this season, it’s what trending and can be worn out for play. Of course this is nothing new for fashion risk takers such as Rihanna and Madonna who have worn the look in public long before it became a trend (they may have actually inspired it)! Here are a couple of designer looks that actually aren’t so bad. 

Elie Saab   




Photos courtesy of IMAXTREE

I Did It For Me.Ā 


Recently I was informed that someone I barely knew thought my hair was not “professional” and that they did not like the “natural” look. Instead, they preferred my hair straighten like I had done a few weeks ago. Now when I initially heard this and learned who said it, I couldn’t help, but laugh. I couldn’t understand how someone who in my opinion had no sense of what being “professional” was could even make such a statement. 

When I decided to go “team natural,” it was after having my first child and going through an excessive amount of hair loss. This was due to hormones and the non shedding of  hair while pregnant. I had so much hair falling out every time I washed and combed it, I was very scarred. The extra hair grown from pregnancy went from long and thick to long and thin in a matter of 3-4 months. 

After about a year later, I decided I needed a change.  Although my hair loss was not due to relaxers per se a big part of that change was deciding not use any harsh chemicals in my hair and for me that meant cutting out relaxers. Today I am proud to say that I have been natural for nearly 5 years now and I think I have done a pretty good job when it comes to styling my hair. 

To the folks who have something to say, I don’t have any problems with you stating that natural hair doesn’t work for you.  That is your personal preference. However, commenting that the look is not “professional” is just your opinion and it has no significance in my life. 

At the end of the day, my  hair  is MY hair and I chose to become natural for me and no one else.