Simply Royal

I love when I can put together and outfit on a whim and feel amazing in it! I wore this look to my oldest niece’s graduation recently. This was the first time wearing the jumpsuit since receiving it as a birthday gift from my little sister and I almost forgot I had it! 

Initially when I tried the outfit on, it was a little snug (bless God the baby wait is continuing to shed). I am almost to my pre baby weight and can’t wait to fit in everything comfortably again! Additionally, what better way to make a black and white outfit stand out? By adding a pop of color of course! Y’all ain’t ready! 😉

Blazer & Wedge Shoes-Forever21/ Earrings-Nordstrom /Jumpsuit-Baby Sis 


I’m finally getting around to posting these pictures from last week! The hair was done, so was my makeup and the weather was perfect (Singing Beyoncé: “I’m feelin my self, I’m feelin my self…”lol)!  Initially I wasn’t sure about the dress because the neutral colors reminded me of the 80’s for some reason. Once I got all dolled up however, I knew it was a keeper!

It didn’t hurt that I got several compliments ranging from I looked like an “African Queen” to I looked “great after having number 3!” I love this look for church, work or even brunch. Not a bad investment for $9.99 right? 😉

Dress-H&M/Shoes-Alfani/ Earrings/Nordstrom/Necklace-Walmart