Mozzarella Pesto Pull A Parts

I wanted a quick and easy recipe as a side dish or appetizer for 2 different pot lucks I recently had. I am happy to say I found the basic recipe on Pinterest and I added just a little extra of my own and here you go! 😉Take a peak and try the recipe for yourself and see what else you may be inspired to add!!!


1 cup of pesto

1 can of biscuits

1 Pack of Mozzarella Sticks

1 cup of Marinara Sauce

Cooking spray (optional) -the pesto already has oil in it so the cooking spray may not be needed.

So if the pictures weren’t easy enough on showing you how to make this crazy easy and delicious dish, here are the steps.

1. Separate biscuits and cut in half

2. Cut up a sticks of mozzarella cheese into 4-5 equal pieces and place 1 in each half of biscuit dough (you will have extra sticks left over).

3. Fold over and round off in he palm of your hand to make it into a ball.

4. Dip each ball in pesto sauce.

5. Place in a baking dish of your choice (I doubled the recipe and put in a bunt pan) coated in a light spray of cooking oil

Extra: Here is where I sprinkle garlic powder on the top layer of each mozzarella pesto ball and sprinkle some mixed shredded cheese for extra cheesiness (I did this for my second batch not pictured and OMG 😍)!

6. Bake for about 20-25 min. or until golden brown.

8. Add marinara sauce on the side and enjoy!!!

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