How to Maximize Your Wardrobe

Yesterday’s post gave you ways on “How Not to Maximize Your Wardrobe” and today I am giving you tips on HOW to!

1. Get ride of stuff that you don’t need! This can be very hard to do especially if you have emotional attachments. However, getting rid of unused clothes is needed and can also be a spiritual cleanse too.

-there is a saying, for every 3 kept, give 2 away if you are not wearing it. Unless you go back and forth with weight ( 5-10 lbs) with the holidays, pregnant or like to buy clothes out of season, 6 months is your cap before you should give them away.

2. Create a system that allows you to know what you have already worn.

-Hang your hanger under instead of over when putting clothes back that have just been worn.

-Change the direction of how you hang your clothes Ex. Mines face Left therefore if I wear a piece, I would hang it to the right. Only works if your consistent of how you hang your clothes. 😉

– Hang your clothes inside out

-Move clothes to the back of the closet

-Get dividers, shoe horse/ring like as seen on rounders in stores for sizing or just make one)!

3. Rotate your clothes out of your closet with the seasons so you can see what you own. I suggest using storage bins that can easily be tucked under the bed or in a basement/attic (don’t forget to use mothballs, lavender or baking soda to avoid moisture and moths from destroying your clothes).

4. Get a Style Book-An app that helps you put together looks from your own closet. You take pictures of what’s in your closet (clothes, shoes, accessories) and then you can play around by putting the looks together and plan outfits for the week, vacations and even special occasions!

5. Buy transitional pieces-this is the best way to go especially if you are a minimalist! You want to make sure you invest in the right pieces that will help you create multiple looks with just one key piece.

Ex. Summer tank dress that was worn with sandals w/cute colorful jewelry, for Fall add leggings, sweater or blazer, belt, boots and a scarf!

Now that you have the list, I hope you will be able to make better decisions as it pertains to shopping and getting the most out of your wardrobe! 🤗

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