Show Kindness Sunday

All month long my church and I have been learning about loving God’s people by way if showing kindness. We have posted our on individual ways of demonstrating random acts of kindness to others and as well as our own via social media. Today was “Show Kindness Sunday” and we took our random acts even further by going out into several parts of Richmond as body of Christ. The Bible says when two or three are gathered together, God will be in the midst (Math. 18:20).

God definitely was with Liberation church today everywhere we went. We split out in groups and went to the following places with a game plan:

1.) Abner Clay Park – we will be setting up cookout style at the park to feed the homeless and give away care packages!

2.) Wawa Gas Station – we will be hanging out at Wawa giving away bottles of water and gas cards! This is an opportunity to show kindness by offering to pump their gas, a cold bottle of water and a small gas card to go towards someone’s gas purchase!

3.) Jahnke Road Laundry Center – we will be giving away bags of coins to pay for 1 free wash and dry.  We can also offer to assist with folding laundry if permitted.

4.) Arc Park – we will be heading to the park to give away popsicles to families to help stay cool!

5.) Bus Stations – we will be showing kindness by giving away bottles of water and bus passes to those waiting at the bus stop. (Picts to come)

6.) First Responders/Fire Stations – we want to show our appreciation to the ones who risk their lives on a daily basis for our city.  We will be stopping by several fire stations with cupcakes and smiles! 🙂

7.) Golden Corral – We will be blessing a few families with a paid meal on us at Gold Corral! (Picts to come)

It was truly amazing to see so many people get blessed by just these simple acts of kindness. Even more amazing were the people we met along the way who wanted to extend a hand by donating to the cause! Special thanks to our leaders, our creative team and my entire Liberation family for carrying out the vision! Lastly, I know my church isn’t perfect, but I said it before and I will said it again, I love my church family!!!


If you are interested in being apart of something bigger than you, join us at 5200 Midlothian Turnpike @10:45am every Sunday!

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