Shrimp & Rice Stir Fry Cabbage Rolls

Since inquiring minds waned to know lol, here is the recipe!

1 head of cabbage

1 large carrot (shredded is another alternative)

Jasmin rice 1-1/2cups

2 egg

Bag of Shrimp (medium sized peeled and deveined, I used a little more than half of a 12 oz bag)

Onion powder

Ginger powder

Garlic powder



Soy Sauce


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Boil rice.

Once rice is cooked, peel cabbage leaves down and boil cabbage for about 3 min. until slightly soften. Any longer and your cabbage will be too soft and if that happens cabbage soup would be your alternative! Lol

Immediately put cabbage in ice cold water for about 5 min. or until stir fry is ready.

Cut shrimp in 3 parts or more depending on shrimp size. In a pan add eggs and shrimp, cooking till done using about a Tbsp. of olive oil (or more). Add 1 Tbsp. of soy sauce, rice, carrots and the rest of dry seasonings to your tasting (sorry guys I don’t measure, I like to shake a little here and there! Lol).

Take cabbage out of ice water and lay out flat. Divide stir fry mixture amongst cabbage leaves and role while tucking the ends inside (use toothpick if needed). Brush some olive oil on top and bake for about 15-20 min. on 350 degrees.

Once ready, drizzle additional soy sauce on top of rolls. If there if stir fry is leftover, add it on the side and enjoy!

*makes about 8 rolls

SN: If you don’t want crunchy carrots, boil them first and until soften and then add to stir fry.

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