Mother’s Day

I had an awesome Mother’s Day surprising my mom at church on Sunday. It was great because it had been a while since I had actually been with my mom on this day so it was very special for me too! Also the weather was just right in Woodbridge, about 80 degrees (remember I’m cold all the time 😉) to wear these awesome knit high waisted pleated pants that I got for about $12 online through H&M! I’m all about comfort and versatility and these pants are just right so stay tuned for other outfits coming soon (as long as the weather permits that is lol)! 

I hope your Mother’s Day was a great one too! 

Me, mom and my sister. 

Tank-Nordstrom/Jacket and Wedge Shoe-Forever21/Pants-H&M/Earrings-Target/Necklace-Gift from Annie Rosa Photographer- my lil sis 😊

The Nakedness of S.T.Y.L.E Continued

True Style is:



Y– You



You says “I treat myself with respect. I watch what I put in my body. It is a temple that should be valued. I watch who I connect myself to.” You are royalty. Everything and everyone doesn’t deserve to be in your personal space. 

It is difficult for you to embrace your nakedness if you are tied to individuals and things that bring chaos, drama, and confusion into your life. You deserve peace in every area. Peace can’t reside in unnecessary foolishness. It is okay to choose you. You are everything.

says “ I will continue to improve. I realize that I am not perfect. I will make mistakes but I will learn from them. I am forgiven so I forgive myself.” Many times, we can’t handle our nakedness because of shame and guilt. 

We have allowed the mistakes of our past to control our present which affects our future. Our true nakedness reveals blemishes and scars. Scars hurt but scars tell stories. Everything is purposeful. Focus on progress and not perfection. 

Move forward knowing that what happened did happen but you are stronger and wiser. You are still here. Nothing can stop you!

Excellence says “ I will do my best at all times. My best doesn’t look like anyone else’s “best”. Perfection doesn’t exist so I will not strive for it. What I will do is live my life to honor God, my family, and future generations.”

 Be a trailblazer. Leave your mark by operating in boldness, power, and humility. Focus on leaving a legacy of integrity, honor, and perseverance. This sets you apart. You were born to lead!

This, my friends, is true style and it can be reached through nakedness. Nakedness is the key to absolute freedom. Strip yourself! You have too much on!”
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Meaty Zucchini & Spinach Lasagna Rolls

When I decided to stay home for nearly a year and a half after leaving Nordstrom, to spend time with my family, I discovered my love for cooking. I had always cooked prior, however I wasn’t able to do so as often as I would have liked. Being at home allowed me to play with different recipes and create my own at the same time. Whenever I made something knew and I made it a point to take pictures of the process hoping to put it on the blog, however you know how life is when you let it get the best of you!

My husband and I love to entertain our friends and family over the years and have received many compliments of how tasty our dishes have tasted. Furthermore, it’s always a plus if the kids like it because then you know you are doing something right!  I will be posting a a few recipes that my family and I love and want to share with you. I hope you will try them and let me know what you think! 

Without further adew, here you go!

What you will need:

-1 box of Lasagna noodles

-1 tsp 
-2  8oz cans of tomato sauce

-1 can of tomato paste

-1 package of ground turkey

-1 package of mixed cheese (2 cups)

-1 cup of fat free ricotta cheese 

-1 1/2-2 zucchini’s

-1/2-1 whole onion

-1/2-1 whole green pepper

-1 egg

-1/8 tsp ground nutmeg

-1/4 cup of basil (or substitute for a few dashes out the bottle)

-2 Tbsp of grated Parmesan (or sprinkle as much as you like can also be substituted for packaged shredded Parmesan)

-A few dashes of Season All (to taste) for sauce or substitute with salt 

-Additionally you can had a little garlic, oregano and other herbs and spices you like 

Now, begin by boiling your lasagna noodles. I cooked 8 of them to cover a standard Pyrex baking pan (or whatever you have).

Second I cooked my ground turkey along with my onions and green peppers until well cooked. Then I added my tomato sauce and paste mixing in a few dashes of Season All to taste ( I also threw in a few dashes of oregano, garlic powder, parsley and Italian seasoning).

Next up while my sauce is on medium heat marinating for about 10 min. I prepare in a bowl my rocatta cheese, nutmeg, basil, egg  and spinach a mix together. 

Once the noodles were done, I layed them out on my cutting board and spread my roccata cheese mix on top and added some slices of zucchini on top (The original recipe did not call for zucchini and only included 6 noodles so I had to spread mixture out sparingly. Lol!

Once done, you roll them up. You then put just enough sauce to coat the bottom of the pan and place rolls on top side by side. Next up you pour the other half of your sauce on top and then cover with shredded cheese of your choice to bake about 25 min. (sorry forgot to include that picture). Afterwards, you can sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top and bake for an additional 10 min. uncovered. 

Tadah! Now you have a cheesy and tasty  meal for you and the family to enjoy with hidden healthy goodness! 🤗


Warm, Cozy and Chíc

Who says that this Winter season you can’t dress warm and still look good at the same time? This is why I love my oldie, but goody, snood! Lol. This poncho like sweater has been amazing over the years because it has not only kept me warm, but has also been a stylish fashion accessory allowing me to wear it more than one way. 

I have not only worn my snood dressed up for work, but for a business casual look with trouser jeans, boots and a long sleeve tee. I have also worn it over my head in place of a hat. I just love the versatility and the fact that it’s a style anyway can wear is a plus! I’m all about those statement pieces and this one was well worth the investment!  

What are your favorite stylish piece this season? 

Snood & Trousers-Nordstrom/Blouse-Anne Klein/Glasses-Cover Girl/Pumps-Macy’s 

2017 Golden Globes Best Dressed!

The Golden Globe Awards is definitely the place to see the best and worst for style in dress. This year certainly didn’t disappoint especially with these top 11 picks of the night (I had to add Naomie Harris when I could finally get a picture of her dress in full view! 😍)

This just in, my favorite of the night: Naomie Harris!

Others that came in fierce without a doubt…

Left to right: Emily Rutajkowski and Janelle Monae. Shimmer and shine was definitely represented this evening with these ladies that kept it classy and sexy!

Left to right: Regina King, Kristen Cavallari, Mandy Moore and Riley Keough. Who could forget the fellas! Here were three very different looks that showed each individual’s style and was super hot down the red carpet! 

Left to right: Tom Ford, Jeremy Renner and Sterling K. Brown. 

Which were your favorite looks?

Getty Images

Striking a Pose

Where am I going? Oh no where special! Ever wake up and just feel like looking extra cute for no particular reason? This was me and no one could tell me differently! I not only knew I looked good, but I felt good too! 

Best of all, the most expensive item seen is not my dress, but my pumps that I got for $30 during Macy’s close out sale at Regency. The “steal of a deal” is actually my dress that I snagged for only $4.99 at H&M online! I’m not typically one to buy the first thing I see however, this purchase couldn’t be helped and when you see something you like and it’s reasonable, why not?   

One of the best parts of being a personal stylist is seeing the face of your clients when you show them everything they’ve  purchased and they still have money left to spend! The key to shopping and not spending a fortune is to go in with a plan and not derive from it. I wanted to find a dress for under $15 and I ended up finding one even cheaper!

So whose your favorite personal stylist that can get you looking fabulous at a bargain of a deal… me of course! Inbox me for styling tips wherever you are. Talk you soon! Mwah

Tank Dress & Chunky Necklace-H&M/Denim Crop Jacket-Forever21/Shoes-Macy/Braclet-Gift