Designer Tuesday-Giorgio Armani

Birth Name: Giorgio Armani Born: July 11,1934 Piacenza, Italy of Italian descent *Studied 3 years of medical school and worked in a military hospital *Went to work at La Rinasonte as a window dresser in Milan after leaving the military *Sometime in the 1960's began working with designer Nino Cerruti designing meanswear and freelancing for other... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday- Jimmy Choo

Birth Name: Jimmy Choo Yeang Keat Born: November 15, 1948 in George Town, Penang, Malaysia of Asian descent *Made his first shoe at the age of 11 years old with the help of his father * Graduated from Cordwainers Technical College in Hackney (now part of the London College of Fashion) in 1983 *Worked at a restaurant and shoe store... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday-Tracy Reese

Birth Name: Tracy Reese Born: February 12, 1964 in Detroit Michigan * Became interested in fashion when she was a little girl watching her mother sew * Attended Parsons School for Design in Manhattan 1982 *After graduating with an accelerated degree in 1984, Reese worked for a small contemporary firm called Arlequin under French designer... Continue Reading →

Desiger Tuesday-Isabella Rose Taylor

This spunky and ever so talented teen is one of the youngest fashion designer in the world. At 8 years old Taylor began taking sewing classes that allowed the Austin, TX native to merge her strong interest in both fashion and artistry. Today at age14, Taylor is so advanced for her age that she has... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday-Pierre Balmain

Name: Pierre Alexandre Claudis Balmain Born: May 18, 1914 in Saint Jean de Maurienne,  Savone, France *Family owned a wholesale drapery business ran but his mother and aunts after his father passed away when he was 7 years old *Studied Architecture at Ecole des Baux Arts in Paris -In 1933 he did free lance work... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday-Christian Dior

Born: January 21, 1905 in Normandy, France Birth Name: Christian Dior *Moved to Paris when he was a boy and loved art and wanted to be an architect *In 1925 encouraged by father to attend Écolebdes Science Politiques school for political science *In 1928 after finishing school; financed an art gallery with his fathers help... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday- Oscar de la Renta

In light of his recent passing, it only felt right to honor such an influential designer. Birth Name: Óscar Arístides Renta Fiallo Born: July 22, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic of Spanish descent *At 18 years old studied painting in Spain at the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid -also picked up love for... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday-Christian Siriano

Birth Name: Christian Siriano Born: November 18, 1985 in Annapolis, MD of Italian & German descent *Studied fashion design at Baltimore School for the Arts -Also studied ballet and custom designs *Began designing at 13 years old *Attended American Intercontinental University in London, England *Moved to NYC after graduating *Interned for Marc Jacobs and was... Continue Reading →

Designer Tuesday-Rachel Zoe

Birth Name: Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig Born: September 1, 1971 in New York, NY of Jewish descent *Graduated from George Washington University with a psychology and sociology degree in 1993 *After graduating, worked as an assistant for YM magazine in New York and became senior editor after 2 years *2002 moved to L.A. to begin styling... Continue Reading →

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