Cozy Chíc

Nothing is better than wearing a comfortable chunky sweater when its cold out. For the last couple of weeks this has been my favorite go to piece. I like the neutral color which means it can go with almost anything and the fact I can dress it up or down is also a plus! This... Continue Reading →

Trending: Pastels

Nothing is more refreshing then wearing cool toned colors in cool weather! Spring was all about wearing pastel colors and could be seen anywhere from clothes to make up and even hair! Today we are still seeing the trend and a great way to rock it is with a great outerwear piece like this Asos... Continue Reading →

Trending: Bodysuits

Though summer is vastly coming to end, a trend that can still can be worn and transitioned into the next season are bodysuits. Often referred to as an adult "onsie," they are super easy to wear and stylish enough to be worn several different ways. Whether you wear them with shorts for a casual look... Continue Reading →

Floral, Black & White

One of my favorite stable pieces is my closet is my chambray button up shirt. There are so many different looks I can create whether I'm going for a casual or semi dress look. I decided to pull out this floral black and white circle skirt that I bought from Wal-mart sometime ago if you... Continue Reading →

Trending: The Black Jumpsuit

What are some of the hottest celebrities rocking that is easy to wear, fits every body type and super sexy? The black jumpsuit! I like to think of the style as the cousin to the romper. 🙂 Even though they are both easy to wear, if your someone who doesn't like to show a lot... Continue Reading →

Trending: Neon Nails

So which nail color is hot for the summer you ask?  Anything neon of course! Whether it is a simple coat of polish or a fancy design, a neon  color is your chance to express yourself and have some fun! I never thought about using neon colors on my nails up until two years. I... Continue Reading →

Trending: The Fanny Pack

Ok so the fanny pack trend is definitely one that you have been popping up with some of your favorite celebrities lately. Just last week Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson showed his love for the fanny from back in the day by releasing a picture that captured everything 90's in one shot! Now, I think "The... Continue Reading →

Trending: Waist Training

I don't know if you have noticed, but women more than ever are trying to obtain an "hour glass" figure with the help a familiar garment that originated in the 1600's called a corset. Simply put, women are wearing corsets for long periods in a day and even sleeping in them to "train" their waist... Continue Reading →

Trending: Barely There

Now I don't have a problem with the phrase, "If you got it, flaunt it," however at what point is flaunting "it" just too much? Nowadays, it's as if the stars are battling it out on the red carpet of who can show the most skin. When I have to question whether your wearing underwear... Continue Reading →

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