The Nakedness of “S.T.Y.L.E”

It was such an honor to have author, speaker and teen girl advocate, Amanda Eaddy Oliver at the “A Stylish Affair Event” on April 29th! She gave such an empowering message on taking care of yourself with brilliant look on “style.” Today, she exudes confidence and enjoys teaching others how to do the same.

“How we truly look on the outside depends on what is going on inside. Our appearance (make up, no make-up, stylish, plain, clean kept, messy etc.) doesn’t depend on anyone else but ourselves.

We control STYLE.

When was the last time you were okay with your nakedness?

I mean, no make-up, no designer tags/bags, shoes, hair undone, stretch marks, dimples, pudges and more?

At one time in my life, my nakedness hurt. I couldn’t stand to see myself fully unclothed. It was a reminder of what I hadn’t accomplished. Those dreams that hadn’t been fulfilled. These were moments where I felt hopeless. 

These were times where my identity was tied to my relationships. However they viewed me was who I was. Because I couldn’t embrace my nakedness, I had no style.

Do you stare at the mirror and like what you see? That matters! Our views on ourselves control how we dress and how we function in this world. It controls how we communicate with others.

Our nakedness dictates our style.

True Style is:



Y- You



In order to reach these levels in style, you must first get naked, stripping yourself of everything and sitting still.

Satisfaction says “ I am not trying to be like anyone else but who God says I should be.” Stop the searching, trying to find yourself in others. Your identity doesn’t exist in them but in Him.

Tolerance says “ I can deal with me, flaws and all. God created a masterpiece when he created me. I am necessary.” Who you are is great. You are not a mistake. Be okay with your presence alone.
Check back tomorrow to learn part 2 of “The Nakedness of S.T.Y.L.E.” 😉


Spice up Your Accessory Game… with Terrica Woolridge

It has been a while since we have had a guest blogger and this one has been worth the wait! Terrica Woolridge is all about natural health and specializes in wellness and holistic healing. A Native of Richmond, Virginia, Terrica has been practicing natural hair, skin care and eating habits for the last 9 years.

Terrica became all natural because as she puts it, “nothing else in the market worked!” She found that the chemicals in the products she used on her hair and skin were too harsh. In the process, she found that changing her lifestyle made a difference especially in clearing up her severe acne she has had growing up.

Today, Terrica is making a difference in the lives of others by educating about all natural benefits. She is also an Arbonne Consultant, in which she offers natural skin care products. Enjoy the read!


“Anyone that knows me knows that I love accessories. I love to dress up a plain outfit with earrings, bangles, and statement necklaces. My headband game is ridiculous too!… Although these accessories may seem essential, they are actually secondary to my hair, skin, and shoes!!

One way I accentuate my hair is to do a quick Henna treatment. I have done full Henna and Henna Gloss treatments, and though pleased with the results, and have been consistently unhappy with the residue left on my hair. No one wants to feel a sandy substance on their hands after playing in their hair (Hand In Hair Syndrome, anyone?…). I have found a way to remove this problem all together by modifying my Henna process.

It’s simple, quick, and leaves my hair just as beautiful as before, minus the gritty feeling after rinsing. I simply empty a 12 oz. can of coconut milk into a bowl, add Henna powder until I reach the consistency I desire (cake batter), and top if off with 1-2 oz. of my preferred oil. You can choose olive, castor, apricot, a combination… Whatever your hair likes best! After mixing all ingredients together, I simply apply the mixture to my “dirty” hair in small sections.

This process is reminiscent of what I did in the past when I subscribed to the lye/creamy crack/relaxer… It’s basically the same process. I then cover my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Although the color of your hair may change, it is so subtle, and leaves your crown shining a bit of red in the sun. After my hair has had the chance to deep condition, I rinse the Henna out with warm water and conditioner.

I do a final rinse with cool water, wring it dry with oil covered hands, wrap with a t-shirt for drying, and style as usual. My hair is left clean, moisturized, shiny, and grit free. Spice up your accessory game… Give this simple Henna treatment a try!”

Terrica B. of Esoteric Wellness

Note: I purchase my Henna, coconut milk, oil, etc. at:
Laxmi Palace. 3424 Old Parham Rd. Richmond, VA 23294  Ph:804-217-7066

Also, the Karishma Herbal Henna pictured above is cheap and I can get 2 full treatments out of one pack! Winning!!”

If you are interested in checking out products or have questions about all natural benefits, please contact Terrica at:


A Trendy Momma

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a fabulous fellow blogger and stylist that I know named Sovanny Vu aka “Mode Madison.” Shortly after I stumbled upon her on Instagram,  I became intrigued with her street fashion and sense of style. I also learned she had begun blogging not long before and challenged herself to not go clothes shopping for a year, but instead reinvent her looks solely from what she already owned in her closet. Talk about dedication and will power!

Sovanny lives in  Australia with her husband (who is also her awesome photographer) and adorable 2 1/2 year old daughter. Just recently, she left a career of 7 years working in HR to take her love of fashion to the next level by starting her own personal styling business and online vintage shop. Now that she is expecting her second child, she is sharing some helpful tips of styling while being pregnant. As many of us mothers know, styling a growing belly can have its challenges, however having a few key pieces can make a world of difference! 🙂


“Earlier this year my little family went in a holiday and when we returned I was pregnant.  It wasn’t planned but like most things,  you can hardly plan a pregnancy. Feeling blessed, we have watched my belly go from flat to a beach ball. If I recall right, it was 6 months before I started to show in my first pregnancy.  With this pregnancy I was in maternity pants by 3 months and asked if I was having twins at 4 months.  I just laughed because I know I’m showing a little earlier.


Day to day now there’s the challenge of what I’m going to wear. I should be familiar with this, but I’m not. As most mothers will tell you, your sense of style changes incredibly once you step into motherhood. Mostly it’s going from fitted to loose clothing.  So for me it changed and it’s changing again. For the first 3 months I was so fatigue and couldn’t be bothered getting out of my pajamas but now, at 25 weeks, I feel great. Tired at times but overall it’s been business as usual.


With Winter in Australia,  it’s been cold in Melbourne with so I’ve adopted my usual layering techniques and have fallen in love with the likes of joggers and leggings. I also opt for comfortable footwear so you’ll see me walking around in either boots, ballet flats or my high-tops. If I can get away with it, a larger size is preferred rather than maternity wear because I’d like to know I could wear it post pregnancy. I know all this doesn’t sound so stylish but working from home means casual attire works.


Some light makeup also helps me to lift up my mood and I still love to blog about style. In addition to all my collaborative pieces, of late, there’s also my “Bumptastic” edition (found on blog), which tends to feature my little one who like her momma loves to dress up. Overall, looking a feeling good hasn’t gone without effort. It’s little things like getting out of what I went to sleep in and taking the time to have nutritious meals that has gone a long way in making me feel beautiful and bumptastic.”

Thanks for reading.

Sovanny xx


If you want to find out more about Mode Madison and are interested in her amazing vintage collection, please visit and her blog can be found at 🙂


Photos courtesy of Sovanny Vu

Great news! I found your sexy, this is how you can get it back…

Being healthy isn’t always easy to do. I know from experience that yoyo dieting and temporary results will leave you more frustrated than when you started. I am happy to say that my company now offers a unique weight loss system that will not only help you shed the weight, but give you the boost of energy you never thought you would have! Check out my husband’s blog post and find out more about how you can live the Hi5 life!

Your Style is Your Story

Today we have a guest writer that I have had the pleasure of knowing since our time working together at Nordstrom. This beautiful woman of God not only possesses a business mindset, but exudes confidence and it is her mission to help other women to find the same through her professional styling. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Vanita Baugh has had over 20 years of retail experience , including owning her own successful consignment shop for 5 years right here in Richmond, VA. Today, she is all about C.U.T.E (Cute Unique Trendy Essentials) and helping you find how your style is your story!


Style is a more essential part of our lives than most people think. Clothes give us a clue about who people are and what they like, and provide us with an outlet to express ourselves every day. The way you dress telegraphs more about who you are then you realize. There is a saying, “Style because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.” Think of it as this way: Even before you get to crack a joke, introduce yourself, or say hello, people have made decisions about you based on the way you dress.

Grant it some lucky people are just born with great style, great taste, and a great sense of color. But on the other hand for some it’s a daily battle with their closets and inner self. We all have an inner fashionista and I believe that every woman can develop great personal style. All it takes is the confidence and the know how of what works best for you to look and feel your best every day.  And that is where C.U.T.E comes in!


Cute Unique Trendy Essentials is for every woman who wants to discover and express her personal style, whether it’s hip, classic, casual or dressy.  C.U.T.E creates a distinctive look that is sure to be admired. Adding interest to the already stunning look of a fashionisette or to assist in bringing out your inner fashionista that will exude confidence, sophistication, boldness and beauty! You have to look the part to play the part because all women deserve style!

Here at C.U.T.E I empower and encourage women from the inside out to establish a sense of pride, strength and beauty by uplifting their self-esteem through fashion.  I advise and encourage them to embrace all the positive things that fashion can do for them with tips on how to find clothes that focus on their best features and look like they were made for them.


I also provide tricks on how to sort through their closets and play up their personality with pieces from their wardrobe, along with my own little treasures of clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories to enhance their cuteness. Not to mention, it gives themselves the attention they deserve each day! My motto is, “I aspire to inspire!” When you look good you feel good! You have to go beyond the basics to glam it up! I believe by taking that little bit of extra effort in caring for yourself, you will increase your self-esteem and attract positive energy!

I believe fashion is a way to show the world both who you are and who you want to be! C.U.T.E wants women to know that when you do what makes you happy and what makes you feel good, that’s what makes the best you shine through! C.U.T.E is more than just accessories, it is an attitude and positive one! So embrace your personal style…because it is personal!



If you would like to get a glimpse of C.U.T.E please email Vanita Baugh for more details at for her services, products or her events (the next one will be held on May 31, 2014). You can also follow her on Facebook at Cute Unique Trendy Essentials, Instagram @cutegirlsrock and Twitter @cutegirlsrock20.


All photos and content belong to C.U.T.E.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

Today I thought it would be fun to have a good friend of mine share a little styling inspiration. She is no stranger to the fashion scene and owns one of many titles. She is a fellow fashion blogger, stylist, boutique owner, songstress, writer, mother and soon to be wife…just to name a few! “Bringing glamour to your everyday life” as she puts it, meet Sharice Styles.

I’m happy to say that my birthday was this past week. I felt so blessed to be seeing another year. For some reason, like magic, I finally felt like a grown woman this year. At 34 I’ve lived long enough to have created great memories to look back on. However, I’m still young enough to have many things left on my bucket list. It’s truly a great place to be.

This year I had a birthday wish I wanted to share. I would love for every person reading this to learn how to “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.” It’s something I try to remember everyday. Can you imagine what that feels like? The power and the strength you would possess to stand confident in your own skin? Knowing you look great every time you step out your door.

I think to be your own kind of Beautiful you just have to except your personal style and learn how to express it so that others can grow to love it. Learn to listen to your inner stylist. When you’re out shopping allow yourself to be drawn to the things that attract you. Try them on and ask yourself “how do I feel”? If the answer is I feel great than you’ve struck gold…fashion gold that is. If the answer is no then you’ll know it’s not for you and you’ll  find something else.  

The best part of fashion is expressing yourself.  So as long as you’re confidently doing that then you’re “Being Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”, and what more can we ask for.


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