Cauliflower Crusted Pizza

So hear is another fun and tasty recipe that's healthy! I had never eaten cauliflower prior to a year a go. It looked like broccoli that had not gotten its color in and I had no interest in eating it, much less mixing it with anything else! Yet, when I found out that I could... Continue Reading →

Mini Turkey and Pesto Sandwiches

Another quick and easy meal that can also be taken on the go are these tasty turkey and pesto sandwiches! Ingredients: -1 8-10  oz jar of Pesto -1 package of 12 rolls of sweet bread -1 large tomoato (more depending on your preference) -1 package of turkey breast  -1 12 slice package of Mozzerella  ... Continue Reading →

Broccoli Bites

I wanted to share a quick and easy recipe that is perfect for little ones and yourself when it comes to our favorite veggie, broccoli!  I found this recipe a few years ago and made it for the first time for my daughter's 1st birthday party. I am not a fan of broccoli, unless it's... Continue Reading →

Vegan? II

While I was on my 3 week fast I thought this would be a great time to try veganism for the last week. I have been wondering about If I could actually do it and how good the food would actually taste. I have a friend that is vegetarian and when I told her I... Continue Reading →

Fat Flush Diet

My latest health kick, the "Fat Flush Diet" by Kim Lyons (from the Biggest Loser). Some who know me may be saying, "what do you need that for?" Well just as the title indicates,  I'm looking to shed some lbs. Particularly, my leftovers from having my daughter almost two years ago! I came across this... Continue Reading →

Bean & Egg Salad

So on my quest of eating healthier and trying new things I present my pinto bean and egg salad. Now most people add virtually anything everything to make a salad, however I am a picky eater. I usually go for some lettuce, ranch dressing and if I am feeling lucky, some pieces of chicken and... Continue Reading →

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