Top 12 Vaseline Beauty Uses

I just love finding multiple uses for an item and what’s even better is sharing it with friends like you! Here are just a few of my favorite!


#1 Lip Exfoliate: Can be used as a base to make a sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips.

#2 Lip Balm: Best known for adding moisture to dry cracked lips

#3 Love Your Feet: Great when applied to the feet and socks are worn overnight for soft heels and toes.image

#4 Eye Lashes: Helps to give your eye lashes shine and can also be used to get rid of both mascara and eye makeup!

#5 Hard to Open Nail Polish: Apply around the neck of nail polish to prevent the cap from sticking to the bottle.

#6 Nail Painting: Use Vaseline to cover the skin around the nails to keep the polish from sticking to it.

#7 Cuticle Care: Great for conditioning the cuticles for both hands and feet.

#8 Sensitive Ears: Good source for coating earrings that might cause your ears to otherwise be sensitive.


#9 A Lingering Scent: Apply a thin layer on skin before spraying perfume to make your fragrance last longer.

#10 Anti Dye: Avoid the hair dye from staining your forehead by applying a thin layer of around your hairline before coloring your hair.

#11 Highlight Cheekbones: Great way to make the cheek bones stand out more.


#12  Shoe Shine: Dab a little on your shoes to give them the perfect shine for that special occasion


Breast Milk Ice Cream Anyone?


Uhh yeah you are reading this right. There is a ice cream company based in London called The Licktators that has come out with seasonal special all natural ice cream with the help of donated breast milk. They initially came out in 2011 in both blue and pink tubs. The whole idea behind the creation is to raise awareness for breastfeeding in public and this year to honor the newest member of the royal family baby Charlotte.

The ice cream is strategically called “Royal Baby Gaga” and also includes madagascan vanilla flavor. It’s reported that singer Lady Gaga had threatened to sue the ice cream company because of its name, saying it was “nausea-inducing,” yet the company refused to change it. I am not a fan of Lady Gaga, but I sort of agree. I understand that the ice cream used  is all natural and the breast milk used has been carefully screened, however I am not interested in tasting anyone else’s milk unless it’s coming from a cow!

However, if you are interested in making your own personalized breast milk ice cream,  check out for their recipe. You can also buy a tub online for $22 and all proceeds will go to a breast feeding foundation. It’s a great cause, but I think there are other ways to get their point across.

What are your thoughts?

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Late Night Beauty Tips

When I find out something new, I love sharing it with others. Here are few of my latest picks, I hope you find them helpful!

1) Did you know that sleeping on your side and stomach can actually cause “bags” under your eyes?  When you are sleep, it’s been said that fluid runs to and collects in the area. Instead, try sleeping on your back or sleeping with extra pillows to lay your head at an angle.

2) Should you have “bags” or puffiness under the eyes, put 2 spoons in the freezer for a few minutes and glide them under each eye to drain fluid and also reduce puffiness.

3) Dry skin?  Use a humidifier to help draw in moisture while you sleep!

4) Coconut oil has many uses and one of them is moisturizing your lips overnight!

5) Exfoliate your lips by using your toothbrush each night after brushing your teeth.

6) When getting rid of blackheads, mash a tomato and run over affected area and let the juice sit over night. Because of the antiseptic properties in the tomato, they are effective in de-clogging your pores.

For even more fun beauty tips, check out Pinterest!

Spice up Your Accessory Game… with Terrica Woolridge

It has been a while since we have had a guest blogger and this one has been worth the wait! Terrica Woolridge is all about natural health and specializes in wellness and holistic healing. A Native of Richmond, Virginia, Terrica has been practicing natural hair, skin care and eating habits for the last 9 years.

Terrica became all natural because as she puts it, “nothing else in the market worked!” She found that the chemicals in the products she used on her hair and skin were too harsh. In the process, she found that changing her lifestyle made a difference especially in clearing up her severe acne she has had growing up.

Today, Terrica is making a difference in the lives of others by educating about all natural benefits. She is also an Arbonne Consultant, in which she offers natural skin care products. Enjoy the read!


“Anyone that knows me knows that I love accessories. I love to dress up a plain outfit with earrings, bangles, and statement necklaces. My headband game is ridiculous too!… Although these accessories may seem essential, they are actually secondary to my hair, skin, and shoes!!

One way I accentuate my hair is to do a quick Henna treatment. I have done full Henna and Henna Gloss treatments, and though pleased with the results, and have been consistently unhappy with the residue left on my hair. No one wants to feel a sandy substance on their hands after playing in their hair (Hand In Hair Syndrome, anyone?…). I have found a way to remove this problem all together by modifying my Henna process.

It’s simple, quick, and leaves my hair just as beautiful as before, minus the gritty feeling after rinsing. I simply empty a 12 oz. can of coconut milk into a bowl, add Henna powder until I reach the consistency I desire (cake batter), and top if off with 1-2 oz. of my preferred oil. You can choose olive, castor, apricot, a combination… Whatever your hair likes best! After mixing all ingredients together, I simply apply the mixture to my “dirty” hair in small sections.

This process is reminiscent of what I did in the past when I subscribed to the lye/creamy crack/relaxer… It’s basically the same process. I then cover my hair with a shower cap and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Although the color of your hair may change, it is so subtle, and leaves your crown shining a bit of red in the sun. After my hair has had the chance to deep condition, I rinse the Henna out with warm water and conditioner.

I do a final rinse with cool water, wring it dry with oil covered hands, wrap with a t-shirt for drying, and style as usual. My hair is left clean, moisturized, shiny, and grit free. Spice up your accessory game… Give this simple Henna treatment a try!”

Terrica B. of Esoteric Wellness

Note: I purchase my Henna, coconut milk, oil, etc. at:
Laxmi Palace. 3424 Old Parham Rd. Richmond, VA 23294  Ph:804-217-7066

Also, the Karishma Herbal Henna pictured above is cheap and I can get 2 full treatments out of one pack! Winning!!”

If you are interested in checking out products or have questions about all natural benefits, please contact Terrica at:


Bra Check Guide

Since I once worked in a lingerie department and know what a proper fitting should look like,  it pains my eyes to see that there are so many woman still walking around not wearing the right bra size! You would be amazed at the issues that can arise if you are not properly fitted. This includes back problems and even potentially damaging the milk ducts in the breast making it hard to breastfeed.

Here is a cheat sheet diagram below that will help you pay attention to the signs of both an ill fitting and well fitting bra. If you or someone you know is constantly complaing about back problems, straps falling off, wires poking or the girls are just hanging low, do yourself and them a favor and go get fitted! You will be amazed at the difference it would make! Oh and if you looking for a good place to go, I suggest checking out your local Nordstrom, Dilliards or Blythe stores.


Photo courtesy of Family First Chiropractic and Wellness

Allergic to my own Sweat


No you are not misreading reading the title, I am allergic to my own sweat… well sort of. I have what is called Exercise Induced Urticaria. What is that you ask? As I understand it, its when the mast cells in your immune system releases histamine and causes welts or raised bumps due physical exertion. In a nut shell, I break out in hives when I sweat, which is brought on by exercising.

My first real encounter with the condition was when I had my first mile run in middle school. As soon as I finished running and got to the locker room I just started scratching my legs uncontrollably and then all over my body from head to toe. I literally scratched until my legs were numb and I  couldn’t feel anything.

I remember crying because I didn’t know what was happening and why. I couldn’t look at at anything that was dirty including dirt itself because it would just send me scratching all over again.  At the time I thought it was an isolated experience because I had  never had it happen before, but then again, I had never attempted run the mile before.

On another occasion I willingly decided to go running around in my neighborhood for some exercise. I started jogging and then decided to push myself by running up these long flight of stairs down the street from where I lived. All I know is by the time I went up the stairs and down, I was itching. I didn’t know how I was going to get home. 

I was itching like a crazy women and everything I saw outdoors made it worse! The bushes, dirt, tissue on the ground, I was in agony. I closed my eyes and prayed asking God to just help me make it back home. Needless to say, I did make it home, but I knew this was no longer an isolated experience.

I did ask my doctor at some point in my life, but they didn’t know what it was the result of. I recently learned that a lot of cases were misdiagnosed over the years because some doctors just didn’t know what they were dealing with. Today there are several different types of urticaria (hives) and some are more severe than others and even life threatening.

Some control the breakout by taking an antihistamine like Zyrtec an hour before planned exercise or something stronger prescribed by their doctor. In all cases, doctors recommend exercising with a partner just incase and emergency arises. I consider myself very fortunate to not have this condition on the extreme end. I can only imagine how scary that could be.

Over the years I have noticed that I don’t break out everytime I exercise, it’s only when I am running, jogging or over exerting myself. I do try to stick to moderate to low workouts and make sure to have a fan nearby to keep me cool. I wear light weight or very little clothing (my workouts are mostly done in the house). In addition, I drink ice cold water and use a wet rag to help bring my body temperature down.

I have tried a antihistamine, but I don’t know if it worked because the two times I took them, I didn’t wait an hour for it to work. I attempted my workouts and ended up paying for it 10-15 minutes later! I definitely plan on getting a handle on this and not allowing it to stop me from doing what I want to do.

One of these days I will be able to run a marathon, but in the meantime, yall pray for me because even as I write about my condition, I’m beginning to itch. Smh.

Simple Home Beauty Remedies

While looking online for my latest diy beauty project, I came across some beauty tips and wanted to share. I also was surprised to learn how common baking soda was used as an active ingredient! Please feel free to share any others that I can add to my list. 😉

*Trouble removing your makeup? Give Vasaline a try, it will also moisturize your skin.

*Mix baking soda with lemon juice to act as an exfoliant for the face!

*Pimples? Mix baking soda w/water to help dry them out.

*For whiter teeth, use an equal amount of strawberries (mashed) with baking soda and put on teeth for 30 minutes before rinsing out. (Be careful, not to do often b/c the sugar can wear down enamel)

*Did you know coconut oil is not only great for your hair, but a go to moisturizer for the skin?

*Want to get rid of the appearance of dry cracked feet? Soak feet in 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide and 2 cups of hot water for 30 min. Dry feet then use a pomice to rid dead skin then apply lotion.

*For white healthy nails, once a week use 2 1/2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and leave on nails for about 3 min. and then rinse.

*Want to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes?  Mix a little Vitamin E with coconut oil!

*Adding an egg to your hair shampoo is known to help grow and promote stronger hair.

If you don’t clean your cosmetic brushes often, they can lead to face break outs. Here is a simple trick to cleaning them: Just use 1tsp. of baking soda and 1/2 cup of water and walah!

Sources: Pinterest