The Nakedness of “S.T.Y.L.E”

It was such an honor to have author, speaker and teen girl advocate, Amanda Eaddy Oliver at the “A Stylish Affair Event” on April 29th! She gave such an empowering message on taking care of yourself with brilliant look on “style.” Today, she exudes confidence and enjoys teaching others how to do the same.

“How we truly look on the outside depends on what is going on inside. Our appearance (make up, no make-up, stylish, plain, clean kept, messy etc.) doesn’t depend on anyone else but ourselves.

We control STYLE.

When was the last time you were okay with your nakedness?

I mean, no make-up, no designer tags/bags, shoes, hair undone, stretch marks, dimples, pudges and more?

At one time in my life, my nakedness hurt. I couldn’t stand to see myself fully unclothed. It was a reminder of what I hadn’t accomplished. Those dreams that hadn’t been fulfilled. These were moments where I felt hopeless. 

These were times where my identity was tied to my relationships. However they viewed me was who I was. Because I couldn’t embrace my nakedness, I had no style.

Do you stare at the mirror and like what you see? That matters! Our views on ourselves control how we dress and how we function in this world. It controls how we communicate with others.

Our nakedness dictates our style.

True Style is:



Y- You



In order to reach these levels in style, you must first get naked, stripping yourself of everything and sitting still.

Satisfaction says “ I am not trying to be like anyone else but who God says I should be.” Stop the searching, trying to find yourself in others. Your identity doesn’t exist in them but in Him.

Tolerance says “ I can deal with me, flaws and all. God created a masterpiece when he created me. I am necessary.” Who you are is great. You are not a mistake. Be okay with your presence alone.
Check back tomorrow to learn part 2 of “The Nakedness of S.T.Y.L.E.” 😉

No Rush Makeup

When it comes to your make up, you want to make sure you are making the right impression. Often times we are in a rush to get from one place to the next however, make up should be an exception! Everything has a process including your makeup. Start by getting a good cleanser, toner and moisturizer (Neutrogena, Olay and Clinique are a few to try).

For an everyday natural look, once your face is prepped, make sure you use a primer to help set your makeup in place and help it last longer. Follow up with some concealer to hide some of those fine lines and blemishes. Next up apply your foundation using a facial sponge and make sure to BLEND! Natural light or incandescent light is the best to use to make sure your make up is not too light or uneven.

Tip: If your foundation color is not on the shelf, you take the closest of two shades (a light and dark) to create your color that is in between.

Next up, use a brow pencil, powder/cream or mascara (I use this technique) to help fill in your brows. Apply a primer to your eye lashes to get them conditioned and elongated  and then add your mascara. Last, but not least, add a little blush to your cheeks and a tinted lip gloss and your ready to go!

Depending on how skilled you are, it may take you 10-20 min. to complete this look. Always remember help is out there. Utilize YouTube (I love Thechicnatural) and learn something from everyone and find out which methods work for you. Maybe one of these days I will create my own tutorial! 😉

Post Baby 

So here it is, my post baby body. I must say, this third pregnancy had me started at the smallest weight and ending the biggest! I have already lost just over 20lbs and still have a good amount to go since having Josiah nearly 5 weeks ago. So what can I attribute the weight loss too? I think it’s a little of everything. 

I can’t say it was all nursing because I nursed all of my children and I remember thinking with my first that someone was lying about it burning calories. With my second child, I can say I did loose the extra weight a lot quicker. I think it also was due to the fact that I am a snacker and if I had the choice between food or sleep, I chose sleep (still so to this day). 

Even with that being so, I have been drinking lots of water throughout the day and night (normally I would not drink as much). Lastly, I gave birth to a 7.2lbs baby and all the extra stuff that came along with him. So as I said before, I think it’s a little of everything. In the next couple of weeks I will kick it up a notch by getting into the gym! 

Y’all ain’t ready! 😜


Plaid Shirt-H&M/ Jeggings-Nordstom/Boots-Ugg

That and in Between

Although I love wearing my poncho style sweater, I would really love if this weather stayed consistently warm. Now I know I get cold all the time, but you have to admit it, it would be great if you didn’t have to wake up in the mornings and guess what the weather would be (even after listening to the weather station)! Anyways, until it happens I have no problem dressing cute in the meantime! Lol…how are you adjusting?






Poncho, Blouse & Jewelry-Nordstrom/ Skinny Jeans-Vigoss/ Boots-Micheal Kors

It Could be “Valentine’s Day” Everyday


It has been a minute since I wrote in this section so…here we go! I wanted to talk briefly on one of the most widely celebrated days of the year…Valentine’s Day. I was shocked when a business partner of mine recently stated that the money spent on the love filled day was over $161 million in the West Coast, $141 million in the North East and $116 in the Southern states.

I am happy to hear that so many people had a “Valentine” for the day, however let’s not forget it is just a day. I know some of yall might be mad at that last comment, but it is true. Don’t get me wrong,  there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing a person how much you care by spending money. One of the problems that comes in is when you wait all year round for one day to show your appreciation.

The other problem is when you don’t have the resources to go “all out” and you spend all your money on one day,  to wake up broke the next. If you are in relationship, be honest with yourself and the person you are with. There is nothing wrong with staying at home and keeping things low key.

However, if you have the funds, do you. Just remember there are still 364 days in the year and a little throughout helps to go a long way. I’m so glad that Jesus doesn’t need a day to show us His love that is unconditional and passeth all understanding (Philippians 4:7). Best of all, His love is free. I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

It’s A Celebration!


I just want to send a big shout out to all those who have supported me whether it was liking my page, visiting my website, leaving a comment or not. I have been able to reach out and connect with people from across the nation and internationally too!  I love what I do and appreciate each and every one of you!

In this new year you can look forward to  giveaways,  tips on styling for men and more! We are taking it to another level and I hope your ready because I am! Thanks again and cheers to many more! 🙂

Trending: Metallic


Anything metallic goes this season and the trend is not only shiny, but it’s bold and makes a fierce statement! Now if you are like me and not a die hard fan of the trend, (you may never see me in a pair of metallic pants, unless it’s an 80’s themed party), try some nail polish or eye makeup for a more settle approach. Who says you can’t be apart of a trend and still remain in your comfort zone? 😊