Red, White and Blue

With 4th of July comes not only a time to celebrate our Independence Day, but a time most share creating memories with family and friends at the beach, cookouts and more! Just incase you are thinking about what to wear, check out a few of my hand picked favorite patriotic pieces that are sure to... Continue Reading →

Feeling a Little Blue

When I first saw these pants I wasn't sure whether to get them or not for two reasons. The first reason was they were not a style that I was use to wearing. I admit, when I first saw these pants I didn't know if they were pajamas or joggers. It wasn't until I tried... Continue Reading →

Hot and in Full Effect!

Ok the last few days have been ridiculously hot! So much so that even after starting my car for 15 minutes, the air conditioner still doesn't seem to be on full effect! I have always been a fan of summer...that is up until now, and add being pregnant, my God! So here I am sporting... Continue Reading →

Shades of Blue

When you find a color that you like and it looks good, then buy it! Growing up I was never a big fan of wearing the color blue. However like most things in life, the older you get, your interests changes. For me, it's the color blue and my mission for the season is to... Continue Reading →

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