Things That Make You Go Mmmm…

So I don't get it. What's going on with making of denim these days? Over the last month I have seen denim, in my opinion, at its worst. Personally, I love a great relaxed pair of boyfriend denim jeans with tasteful deconstruction. Nowadays, there is nothing tasteful, tactful or presentable about some of the denim... Continue Reading →

Online & Shopping

Yea, so I was looking online like I regularly do when my eye caught this beauty...a chambray jumpsuit! Over the last couple of years I have found myself doing a lot of shopping online. This is greatly because of two reasons: 1) I can find great deals online 2) It's way easier to shop when... Continue Reading →

Just Right

What a great night I had networking and partnering with other business minded women! This was also the perfect outfit to represent my fun and wild side as well :)! If you haven't guessed it,  this chambray shirt is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and just like having a pair of white... Continue Reading →

Floral, Black & White

One of my favorite stable pieces is my closet is my chambray button up shirt. There are so many different looks I can create whether I'm going for a casual or semi dress look. I decided to pull out this floral black and white circle skirt that I bought from Wal-mart sometime ago if you... Continue Reading →

Denim on Denim

Check me out in my denim on denim look! This is the first time I am sporting the style since posting about the trend for Spring a few weeks ago. I choose to wear a flared leg dark trouser jean with a chambray button down for contrast. I added a neutral oversized handbag that was... Continue Reading →

Trending: Overalls

I can't tell you how excited I am that overalls have made a comeback! They are comfortable, easy to wear and they make you feel like a kid again! They look lovely on the ladies and super cute on babies. However, sorry guys, unless you live on a farm they are a no no! Pictured:... Continue Reading →

Trending: Denim on Denim

Back again for another season is Denim on Denim. I personally think the look is great because whether your tall, short, big, small, male or female; you can wear it! I espicially love to see men rocking the look like Usher and David Beckham as pictured above. They are two totally different looks, but they... Continue Reading →

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