What’s Your Colors?

Every since my hair has been natural, I have loved how earth toned colors have complimented my look! I believe that anyone can wear any color, it’s just a matter of shade and placement. I have personally found colors like bronze, forest green, cream, burgundy, mustard yellow and burnt orange have been my best colors to wear. 

Finding the right shades of color is definetly key. For example if you are pale in color, you would not wear a beige dress that would wash you out, but instead opt for colors that would give you more life. Such would be a soft pink, navy or a dark red.  If you really wanted to wear beige, you wouldn’t want to have it near your face, but have the color either mixed with other vibrant colors in a skirt, shoe or other accessory.  

Now if finding the right shade is not your strong suit, linking up with someone who knows about fashion such as a personal stylist would be beneficial. Knowing your “go to” colors is just the beginning of owning your style!

Top-BCBG/Denim Shorts-!iT Jeans/ Earrings-Nordstrom/Pumps-Alfani



Sometimes we get caught up with all the challenges of life and it’s not until either something drastic happens or we have had enough, that we ask ourselves, “How did I get here?” When you examine your life, you are where you are based off of the choices you’ve made whether good or bad. However, when you have made the wrong decisions, it’s about how you respond that will determine what happens next. 

 I used to tell my team, “control your controllables.” Meaning, you decide where your next move will be. Don’t get down and dishearten about what happen or could have been, but focus on what can be. Redirect your way of thinking and find out what your true purpose is. Do what makes sense and most importantly, do what makes you happy. #purposefilled 

Skirt, Tank & Neckalace H&M/3/4 sleeve Cardigan-Nordstrom/ Sandals-Walmart

Photo credit: My Boobikins 😉

Something Good

Mannnn, how I miss not having to worry about the humidity and frizzing much less do anything to my hair with these faux locs. I also didn’t mind all the lovely compliments too! 😉 For years I have had people tell me my hair would be great for locking. I can say I fell in love with this style and it suits me however, don’t look for me locking my actual hair anytime soon folks!

I’m trying to plan the next time to do them between work, house work and watching my little buggers (last time it literally was an all day event with me doing them)! Anyone want to help? 😆 I’m also calling out my sister in law Jolita Fountain for the challenge to tag team once again (Oh and by the way she makes faux loc wigs too if your interested)!!!!!  If not this style, I’m looking for a fun up do, any ideas????

Shout outs to my little man Lamar for being my photographer 😘. 

Peplum Top-Marshalls/Skirt-Nordstrom/Sandals & Earrings-Target

Striking a Pose

Where am I going? Oh no where special! Ever wake up and just feel like looking extra cute for no particular reason? This was me and no one could tell me differently! I not only knew I looked good, but I felt good too! 

Best of all, the most expensive item seen is not my dress, but my pumps that I got for $30 during Macy’s close out sale at Regency. The “steal of a deal” is actually my dress that I snagged for only $4.99 at H&M online! I’m not typically one to buy the first thing I see however, this purchase couldn’t be helped and when you see something you like and it’s reasonable, why not?   

One of the best parts of being a personal stylist is seeing the face of your clients when you show them everything they’ve  purchased and they still have money left to spend! The key to shopping and not spending a fortune is to go in with a plan and not derive from it. I wanted to find a dress for under $15 and I ended up finding one even cheaper!

So whose your favorite personal stylist that can get you looking fabulous at a bargain of a deal… me of course! Inbox me for styling tips wherever you are. Talk you soon! Mwah

Tank Dress & Chunky Necklace-H&M/Denim Crop Jacket-Forever21/Shoes-Macy/Braclet-Gift 

A Lesson Learned

Last night I went to support my husband at an event downtown. I had already known that the weather was probably going to get cooler returning home,  however for the moment it was nice outside and I didn’t want to carry a coat. Especially since I was already wearing this cute little blazer!

Needless to say, my price for trying to look cute last night had me waking up with a sore throat and coughing this morning. Despite me getting sick, my look wasn’t loud,  uncomfortable or showed too much skin. It was pretty simple and was certainly appropriate for an evening filled with laughs, encouraging words and meeting new people! My advice to myself…next time just wear the coat!






Knit Blazer, Jeans & Jewelry-Nordstrom/
Gold Shimmery Tank-JCPenney/ Deconstructed Skinny Jeans-Vigoss/ Suede Slouch Boots-Aldo/ Handbag-Coach

Not Giving In: The Final Days of Summer

Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd and you better believe I am going to get in as many “Summer” like outfits that I can (as long as the weather complys)! Such would be this printed blouse from BCBG and how I love all its subtle details! The fun and colorful animal print, the gathered wrap style in the middle, its soft fabrication and and those split sleeves just excites me!

I also love that I can dress my blouse down with a pair of jeans and my favorite pair of ballet flats. Or for a dressier look, I have worn a pair of black slacks and pumps for work. And yes, I did say black! Contrary to what some may think, black and blue (or navy), can be worn together. It’s all about accessorizing and the right balance of colors! So how are you wearing out the final days of the season?








Split Arm Top-BCBG/Skinny Jeans-Vigoss/Ballet Shoes-Linea Paolo/ Leaf Earrings & Bangles-Nordstrom/Diamond Studded Heart Chain Bracelet-A gift from my sister in law 💜

Trending: The Black Jumpsuit

What are some of the hottest celebrities rocking that is easy to wear, fits every body type and super sexy?


The black jumpsuit! I like to think of the style as the cousin to the romper. 🙂 Even though they are both easy to wear, if your someone who doesn’t like to show a lot of leg, the pant jumpsuit is a great alternative. With so many variations of color, prints and fabrications, it’s important to choose the one that will be the most flattering on you.


Helpful Tips:

*If you are small in the middle, you will look great in jumpsuit that cinches at the waist or add a belt

*If your fuller in the middle try to find one without cinching or has a lower drop

*Want a more slimming look? Choose one with a narrow leg, particularly if it has a blousy top half

*Lastly, a halter style is great on everyone especially if you have broad shoulders to give a more proportioned look


I personally just love how chíc and versatile the look can be. It’s definitely my favorite must have for the season whether in the color black or not. If I could wear a different one everyday I certainly would! 😝

Whats your take on the black jumpsuit?