Sometimes we get caught up with all the challenges of life and it's not until either something drastic happens or we have had enough, that we ask ourselves, "How did I get here?" When you examine your life, you are where you are based off of the choices you've made whether good or bad. However,... Continue Reading →


How to Shop for the Perfect Bathing Suit

Just like bra shopping or buying a pair of jeans, finding the right bathing suit can be equally challenging! The key to finding the right look is knowing what to look for. Take a look at these helpful tips as you shop! Full Bust The best flattering look for a full bust is by getting... Continue Reading →

Yes to Stripes!

Typically we are warned of wearing horizontal stripes because we don't want to parts of the body to appear bigger (in my case hips and thighs)! I found this cute dress on Vinted not too long ago for a steal and just new I would love it on! Over the years I have learned that... Continue Reading →


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