Show Kindness Sunday

All month long my church and I have been learning about loving God's people by way if showing kindness. We have posted our on individual ways of demonstrating random acts of kindness to others and as well as our own via social media. Today was "Show Kindness Sunday" and we took our random acts even... Continue Reading →

Do You Know Where You’re Going?

I really enjoyed service at church today! We had a great time ushering in the Spirit and hearing the promises of God spoken through our Bishop. Outside of feeling the presence of God, I felt  empowered  when I heard my Bishop say, "Your background doesn't have to be your conclusion." I think often when we... Continue Reading →

Remember Your Other Father

Today in church,  we were reminded about who our father was. We all have a birth father and some of us were blessed to have them bring us up. We know our fathers as the patriarch of our families providing love,  protection. advise,  discipline and so much more! However, as much as our Father's may... Continue Reading →

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