Show Kindness Sunday

All month long my church and I have been learning about loving God's people by way if showing kindness. We have posted our on individual ways of demonstrating random acts of kindness to others and as well as our own via social media. Today was "Show Kindness Sunday" and we took our random acts even... Continue Reading →

Trafficking Fashion: Behind the Show

On last Saturday I attended the "Trafficking Fashion" show at The Mix Gallery that was hosted by Vainta Baugh, shop owner of C.U.T.E BOUTIQUE. This event was not just another "fashion show," it's purpose was to bring awareness to the increasing population of homelessness in the area. People who attended where ask to bring a... Continue Reading →

The Value

My husband and I had a conversation the other day about people in general and recognizing when people are appreciative of you and not what you can do for them. This really had me thinking. Often we have friends, co-workers, church  member and even family members who you assume love and appreciate you because you... Continue Reading →

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