I wasn't too sure what to title this one so it's "untitled" lol. Furthermore, no long paragraphs to proceed. In short, I saw this outfit online at H&M when shopping for my birthday a couple of months ago and I just had to have it. The end!  😜 Top & Skirt-H&M/Wedge Sandals-Forever21/Hair-My sis in law and... Continue Reading →

Simply Royal

I love when I can put together and outfit on a whim and feel amazing in it! I wore this look to my oldest niece's graduation recently. This was the first time wearing the jumpsuit since receiving it as a birthday gift from my little sister and I almost forgot I had it!  Initially when... Continue Reading →

Trending: Grey Hair

Say what! Not sure how you feel about this latest celebrity trend, but I'm personally not a fan! I just can't get with intentionally dying my hair grey and looking older than I am. It's one thing if I were older and naturally grey, however if that were the case, I would probably be dying... Continue Reading →

To Be Yourself

Doing your hair and make up every morning can be a very tedious process. Sometimes it's nice to just "wake up and go" as they say. At times I think we get too caught up in making sure that our looks are "just right" piling on makeup, hair coloring, nails and much more. However, wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Spring Basic Must Haves!

Now that it is Spring, having all the right basics are necessary in in this new season. With so many trends popping up one cannot forget those go to must have pieces. I have put together a list of 9 simple and fun pieces that I think anyone can wear! They are not only the... Continue Reading →

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