I decided to bless y’all with some more of my favorite earth tone colors! Keeping it sophisticated and chíc, I decided to pair my new off the shoulder top from H&M with my favorite boyfriend jean. I added my signature lip color and few coordinating pieces and voila! I’m ready to start my day off…fashionably! 😂

Top-H&M/Boyfriend Jeans & Jewelry –Nordstrom/Sandals-Walmart/Sunglasses-Coach/Handbag-Francisco Biasia/Photo Credit: My momma! 😉


Something Good

Mannnn, how I miss not having to worry about the humidity and frizzing much less do anything to my hair with these faux locs. I also didn’t mind all the lovely compliments too! 😉 For years I have had people tell me my hair would be great for locking. I can say I fell in love with this style and it suits me however, don’t look for me locking my actual hair anytime soon folks!

I’m trying to plan the next time to do them between work, house work and watching my little buggers (last time it literally was an all day event with me doing them)! Anyone want to help? 😆 I’m also calling out my sister in law Jolita Fountain for the challenge to tag team once again (Oh and by the way she makes faux loc wigs too if your interested)!!!!!  If not this style, I’m looking for a fun up do, any ideas????

Shout outs to my little man Lamar for being my photographer 😘. 

Peplum Top-Marshalls/Skirt-Nordstrom/Sandals & Earrings-Target

Simply Royal

I love when I can put together and outfit on a whim and feel amazing in it! I wore this look to my oldest niece’s graduation recently. This was the first time wearing the jumpsuit since receiving it as a birthday gift from my little sister and I almost forgot I had it! 

Initially when I tried the outfit on, it was a little snug (bless God the baby wait is continuing to shed). I am almost to my pre baby weight and can’t wait to fit in everything comfortably again! Additionally, what better way to make a black and white outfit stand out? By adding a pop of color of course! Y’all ain’t ready! 😉

Blazer & Wedge Shoes-Forever21/ Earrings-Nordstrom /Jumpsuit-Baby Sis 

Happy Birthday to Me!

So I am yet another year older (35 to be exact)! When I think about how long I have walked this Earth I have realized I still have so much to accomplish. God has truly blessed me and proven His WORD over the years and for that I am so grateful! There is so much more He must do in me that remains to be seen and I can’t wait for it to be revealed! 😘







Jacket –H&M/ Tank& Jewelry-Nordstrom/Skirt-Forever21/ Shoes-Alfani

Makeup: Me


Blue and Black

So it has been a minute since I have posted, especially any pictures of yours truly! Now that I am in the home stretch of my pregnancy, it has been difficult to dress using my existing wardrobe. I told myself I wouldn’t buy any maternity clothes unless I had to and most recently…I  had to!

I really just wanted pants with an elastic waist band. I decided to check out H&M and was surprised to find that there was little to nothing in the store  for maternity (literally  I think there were 4 pieces)! This was surprising since the website had featured so much more. As little as they had, I was able to score these blue printed pants and best of all they were on sale for only $7!!! 

Just look at God! Lol   
Pants & Jacket-H&M/ Tank & Earrings Nordstrom/ Shoes-Sears/ Glasses– Bebe


At 22 weeks, I can say I feel good for the most part. Despite the occasional “growing pains” and back ache,  I can’t complain too much. I choose to focus on the end result knowing that it will all be worth it in a little while!  Plus,  dressing the bump in stylish looks can be challenging enough so I think I am just going to redirect my focus…and do a little shopping! Lol





Cardigan & Tank-Nordstrom/ Leopard Printed Skirt & Sandals- Forever21

Another day, Another Dress

I love wearing dresses in the summer especially during this summer heat! On this day I am modeling a cotton tube stripped dress that was a steal of a deal at H&M (like $8)! I decided to belt it with a cardigan to give it more of a “work”/”church” appropriate look. Next throwing on my favorite pair of sandals and my look is complete! 





SN: I got you thank my little guy for taking this weeks picts,  he loves taking pictures and is getting better each time!

Cardigan & Belt-Nordstrom/ Dress-H&M/Wedge Sandals-Forever21