I love helping people feel good by looking great on the outside and boosting their confidence. However, notice I said "boosting." Having self confidence in my opinion is not something that a person gives you, but helps you to expose what you already possess. It's about being able to recognize it and to be willing... Continue Reading →

Something Good

Mannnn, how I miss not having to worry about the humidity and frizzing much less do anything to my hair with these faux locs. I also didn't mind all the lovely compliments too! 😉 For years I have had people tell me my hair would be great for locking. I can say I fell in... Continue Reading →

Red, White and Blue

With 4th of July comes not only a time to celebrate our Independence Day, but a time most share creating memories with family and friends at the beach, cookouts and more! Just incase you are thinking about what to wear, check out a few of my hand picked favorite patriotic pieces that are sure to... Continue Reading →

Nothing New

It's always great we you can pull out an old piece of yours and pair it with another old piece and still create an awesome look! I am all about that life, especially when you are a mom of three and a wife with a whole house and responsibilities like myself. It's not easy to... Continue Reading →

Going With the Flow

Like most of my titles that describe either what I am wearing or how I am feeling, this one is no different. I am literally going with the flow. At times it can be challenging trying to find what to wear as you progress in pregnancy because one day your clothes fit perfectly and the... Continue Reading →

Summer Styling

Can I tell you about this great buy I found at Target for only $12! I have wanted a cross back top since last year that was tastefully done and didnt show too much skin. As you can see I chose to layer today just for fun and also because I now have a bump,... Continue Reading →

Simplistic Plaid

I don't wear plaid much,  but I do love it on other people. I branched out when I decided to buy these pants I found on sale at Target some time ago. They are cut like a trouser, fully linned with a little bit of wool blend. I loved the fact that I could wear... Continue Reading →

Joseph Altuzarra for Target

Joseph Altuzarra is the latest designer to collaborate with Target to create a sophisticated and affordable line for women that debuts this Sunday, September 14th. Altuzarra, who is French, launched his first collection in 2008 at the age of 25 years old. His designs are known to define the modern women with sophistication, class and... Continue Reading →

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